Monday, 28 December 2009

Sprints and photo shoots

Hi, today I did 2x 400m at at least 5k pace and warmed up and walked in between etc!!!!

what a different feeling - going as fast as I could and consuming a caffiene packed gel at the same time - to try it for my upcoming race!!

I can understand how some people call it running only if you can run at 9 min mile pace - which is sooo elitist and crap - if you look on wiki or a dictionary definition running is when both feet come off the ground and walking is when one foot is always in contact with the ground

We don't have 'trot' or 'canter' like horses

ok i know a sprint feels different from a slow waddle but it's still both running - i refuse to call myself a jogger and won't accept anyone who tells me that is wrong.

I am now officially going to be part of a work of art...

my sister has been doing an ongoing project about my schizophrenia and is now turning it into her final project for her degree show as well as a book an art installation short film, a 3 minute wonder for television and a set of exhibition prints...

part of the work is my writing about my illness... which will be spoken for the film or written in the book...

I really feel nervous about this stage of it when it is all still happening... but the actual shooting - i just want to do her work justice - she is part of the 2009 - 10 Taylor Wessing exhibition at the Tate National Portrait Gallery and is being commissioned for some shots to go along side it.

Her previous short film has been shown in film festivals around the world and if anyone wants to see some of her work, click this link:

there has been some new stuff added btw

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

11 min miles!!!!!!!!!!!!

HI,I only just realized that I did my last race in 11 min miles... for a 7 mile race... finished in 1:17:01 so it's virtually exact.

I really really really cannot believe it... I did not know i could run so fast!!!

On one pace calculator I am projected 1:52:53 for my 10 miler, that is INCONCIEVABLE
to me at the moment - that means if i push i can do it 34 minutes faster than the only time i did this distance on the road and 29 minutes faster than on the treadmill the other day - that is just a projection but Hell that is a great thing to come under 2 hrs i hope!!!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

10 miles on Treadmill

10 miles is actually a new distance for me - this is the second time i've run it... I was a bit worried about Ice in the morning and although it seemed to be getting above 0C in the middle of the day - I thought oh well make the most of my gym membership ... give knees a treat...

I really enjoyed it - i loved seeing the other runners come and go, I loved typing in 60 mins and then near the end of it typing in another 60... I loved all the calculations i had to make to work out my time (2:19:44) and my kcal (860)
I loved changing over my energy drink bottles (3 of them) - i am so used to eating chewy sweets and coffee beans -

Maybe i need to try out gels for races - I think that is a great idea for my next race on 3rd Jan which is also 10 miles

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I know what its like to run in 25 -27F

ROFL it was fun!!! we dont get these temperatures often im on holiday in germany and that was a 3 mile run in - 3 or 4 C and they say it will get down to - 7 or 8 so 14 or 11 F

go on tell me im not tough enough!!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I ran 10 miles!!


YAYYYY!!! *raises arms above head*

It was RAINING! the whole time, very heavy drizzle or heavy rain... I was dry including my shoes for the first mile and was feeling very happy to be dry still, but a little while later i was just as happy to be wet!

I had a brand new Garmin on (delivered as a replacement) and it is scratch free and not broken!! It was impossible to figure out how to work it tho i had got used to my old one - so no time out for my pee break it all went on the time.

I also walked every mile - not trusting the funny thing on my wrist i counted my paces 90 - 240 depending on how tired i was i walked 9 or 10 times, trying to get a walk a little for each mile

The first 4 miles flew by, and i was really tired by the time i'd finished the first 5 miles because i stepped up training last week and did a 16 mile week, hopefully 17 this week and 18 the week after, or about that (I want to get an 11 miler or 12? pushing it? before the 10 mile race on 3rd Jan)

Miles 6 and 8 were quite hard because of the increase in training anyway but by 7.5 i started to speed up to beat 2.5 hrs and to finish strong - i still had loads of energy left, but was worried about pushing it. I had a little pain in my legs - but not in the usual places so i wasn't worried.

The last 2.5 miles were the best i think, running through massive streams in the road, (once twisting my ankle because the sky was reflected in the water and i missed a pothole) which was on the whole very fun.

I got very used to WET and noticed not much except my footfalls and some people and nature... my time was:


14:40 min miles and


I think I could do a lot faster!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Half Year Total.........


This is half a year total of 26 weeks...

I can't give you my year total because i deleted my Garmin... so I am going from my Richmond 5k, to Jurassic Coast 10k, to 6 Moor Miles, to Tavy 7 and up until the end of last week...

This is my first respectable ammount of miles in an ammount of time... I did want a full year total in Jan but kind of forgot that when i deleted everything!!!!

Garmin won't give me my totals anyway any more because I have started running on treadmill...

So... another year when i can promise myself to log all my miles instead of looking forward to a grand total... I was running A LOT less in the first half of the year tho, so i will really make an effort now to Pile On The Miles.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Feeling good


feeling confident about 10 mile race - i have done 8 miles three times now, so it doesn't feel like an impossible fluke that i can run 8 miles...

I guess every new distance has challenges i have heard, and i think in my head i have gone from, 2,3,4,6,8, as markers (or maybe at the start 1.5)

NOW my next big jump is 8 to 10 and I am only planning one 9 mile and one 11 mile run before the next 'big race' ;-)

So, only 2 more long long runs to go then a 10 day taper, a taper should be for this race, 10 days for 10 miles, and cut distance by half - so, after Christmas and up untill Jan 10th (working it out) I will need to do 1, 2, 1, 2,2, 2, 1.5, 1 or something along those lines...

I have just read that you must decrease your intensity also during recovery weeks... I have only been decreasing distance and upping the intensity because i feel better...

So I have been doing that wrong all along... will be difficult to run 2 or 1 mile slowly and is it true that you don't decrease fitness? I know the point is to be rested and there is a possibility that I haven't been doing enough of that before races...

ps. i am absolutely going to hate tapering during the most boring longest week of the year!! Swimming pool might help...

Monday, 30 November 2009

The more grueling the better

HI, Can anyone else relate to this?? lol

I have just done an 8 miler, I walked a little - about 1 min per mile - as it was only my third 8 mile run and I have just had a cold...

So not a hell of a lot of training behind me, but hoping to step it up a bit and get enough miles under my belt to really do my best on this 10 mile race on the 3rd of Jan.

I went twice round a circuit and enjoyed the second time round more than the first, I think if I have to reach into the depths to pull something more gritty out - then i am having a good time...

It was really nice and cold, not too much wind, nice and sunny, end of the sunshine, early eve... I did exactly 14 min miles ... which is okay... improvement... used my specially adapted camelbak -(adapted with a bolted on leather pouch - where i keep my coffee beans and chewy sweets)- which seems to leak if i over fill it or don't close it properly - had horrible water going down my back lol

however I was perfectly dressed for the climate which makes a really nice change - as i tend to overdress or wear a waterproof which ends up wet through and take that off and tie it round my waist and it's still raining - so this made a nice change - great run all round really,

my sister did one circuit, faster than me and then read in the car while i went round a second time...

Thursday, 19 November 2009

11.55 min miles

Hi, I did a 2 mile run today and am very excited that soon I will be improving more and more with speed and am already improving a lot!!!

This is the first time i have looked at my Garmin and seen anything under a 12 min mile avg and this run was only pretty short - a 2 mile run - BUT i did have a slow section where I chatted to my fiance, slowed down, shouted back to him walking, got my heart rate back, recovered, and then went on at a pretty average I thought pace... after running the first mile downhill in 11:03, so no surprises i was slower on the way back,

Thinking about doing another Cooper's Test instead of a 2 miler next time - good measure of my progress, i think i might be able to pull out of the forum archives my last result...

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

4 miles

4 miles is fast becoming a short run... my shortest run at the minute is still only 2 miles, but soon it will be 3 then 4 lol

I did treadmill run in 49.03 today for 4 miles, 1.0 incline.

It is feeling so short and achievable and not a big deal is what i am saying... I was a little daunted to see rest, 4, rest, 4, 7or8, 2 for the week, but this medium short medium long run doesn't feel challenging any more really - whether run fast or comfortably...

This feels massive because i remember really struggling with it not so long ago... beginning of summer, end of winter kind of time

Monday, 16 November 2009

Nice time for 4 miles

Hi , different course, will have to compare like with like but i was amazed at coming in at less than 56 mins for a 4 mile run yesterday!!

I think I used to struggle to come in in less than an hour really, and this was not far off sub 50 mins... w o w that sounds like something to aim for - I had a 4 mile run in 51:28 and feel great about it!! I think under 57 mins used to be an achievement and this feels like quite a differece...

BUT like i said it was for a different course - so not Really comparing like with like... might get the chance to try same route out as the 56 something tomorrow...


Monday, 9 November 2009

Tavy 7

HI, 7 mile race in 12.24 min miles!!!!!!!!! 4th from last out of 800, i don't understand why i am so slow!!! but i tried my best my hr was really up there and I finished in 1:27:01,...

The finishing line was very vague and i think i could have got in in under 1 27 if I hadn't slowed down so much - the guy on the mike said - by the way i'm over here - which really confused me because i was looking for my fiance... and I think i slowed down to a walk before he said - no, carry on!


So, i was not really awake, pscyhed up, or ready for this race i had done an 8 miler 2 weeks before, (slowly) and a couple of shorter runs but the last time i'd done a run before this race was a fast and easy 5 miler a week before - I was dieting and concentrating on losing weight and lost all motivation for anything else - was physically so drained trying to live on shakes and bars and one meal a day - and was only just feeling better a day or 2 before the race.... so I was a bit de trained!

The run was lovely really - I kept up with the oldest guy in his running club for the first couple of miles - and infront of 2 big guys in yellow jackets untill the last half mile...

a gentle up hill gradient for the first 2 or 3 miles and apart from another shorter gentle hill it was all downhill from there - elevation gain (and loss) of about 716 ft, so not a completely flat race but not hilly either, haven't looked at how that compares with my super hilly 10k that I love, but it bugs me slightly that i'm not really getting faster very quickly!

I suppose my slowest race ever was in 14.39 min miles so I am improving a little...

Bit exasperating looking at a list of 750 names and being 4th from the bottom...

Don't know how bothered I am...

Sunday, 1 November 2009

recovery run!

Hi, today I did an EASY 5 miles, (if you follow this blog you will know about my unhealthy obsession with getting to the point where i can do EASY 6 milers)...

But after last weeks 8 miler, 5 seemed good for a recovery week,
been feeling really drained with my diet and actually 3 weeks of 14% increases avg. so that wasn't a good idea.

I will start again next week with a 13 mile week with a race at the end of it, unless I decide I need less than the 2x3 miles for a taper but should be ok....

Really looking forward to the 'Tavy 7' as in nr Tavistock 7 miles and it's T-shirts to all finishers,

I loved seeing 'Tavy 7' on a T-shirt when i did the '6 moor miles' race a while ago and thought about how nice it is to see that someone can race for 7 miles on a T-shirt! ROFL

I wonder if I will get fanatical about seeing Marathon T-shirts in the future... I actually already have a Marathon T-shirt - as it's a long term goal i guess it doesn't matter too much that i haven't done the Berlin Marathon '09 - and it's written very small... I am such a cheat!

The 5 miles went very well because i have rested 3 days before and was more than 3 mins ahead of my average time for the distance I did 12.52 min miles, which is not far off my hilly race speed (on a very gradual up and down incline) !!!!

Friday, 30 October 2009

losing weight!! yay!


I lost 16 lbs between Sept and March last and this year and then came to a complete standstill... It didn't matter what i did i tried and tried and not hard enough obviously!!

I have just started about 9 days ago, an equivelant to slimfast diet which kind of makes me cringe to think about it because i feel like it has a reputation as a 'real diet'... with a lot of marketing, and it's not cheap either, i'm using shakes from a sports nutrition company specifically for weight loss and am eating 2 shakes, 1 sports recovery protien bar, an apple (or equivelant) and one meal a day of about 5 - 700 kcal... so this is a kcal restricted diet... 228 + 228 + 280 +70 + 500 - 700 oh plus 150 kcal in milk for tea and coffee!! so 1650 avg

But i am eating about 400kcal extra for a long run of 5 - 8 miles or roughly that (increasing) ... That kind of workout needs feeding!!

AND it's working!!!!!!!!!!!! So now i have got past the stage of giving up out of boredom which usually happens to me after about 3 days on a meal replacement diet... and will I hope lose another 17 - 22 lbs for my wedding and etc. depending on when people start commenting that i am looking ill (which happens at a very high weight for me really) I want to be in the 131 - 136 range I'm 5' 4"

Saturday, 24 October 2009

first 8 miler


I almost can't believe i did it, but i had at least two hilly 7 miles behind me, so thought it was time for 8.

I went on a fairly flat just over 2 lap course and got to 3 miles in about 42 mins, walked for 3 minutes and kept that up through the run - walking one minute per mile... I got to 10k in 1:26:59 (then walked for 3 mins) which is not that bad for me and passed my total minutes on my feet running at 1:50 something...

The whole thing took me about 1:54 something, in 14.13 min miles overall - my only pause was picking up another bottle of water from the car... so this sets me up for my 7 mile race in two weeks...

my legs started hurting a tiny bit at just before the six mile mark so i walked two minutes and then managed to finish fairly strong.

I don't know if your legs are meant to hurt a bit when you start getting your distances up or maybe aren't quite used to the distance...

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Looking forward to my Long Runs

This is like waiting for the Weekend all over again... I really can't wait - and get excited and look forward to it...

I get a little tired and then i get proud of my achievement... then i have a small hangover from it, but from about wednesday morning onwards I am completely psyched!!

I have my first 8 miler and i think i will get my Garmin to put it into 2 laps and aim for a negative split...

This will be a flat run and will give me an idea of what i'm capable of after a couple of hilly 7 milers....

I hope i am progressing slowly enough but i have a recovery week next week - then one week 'on' then one taper week (a bit) then the 7 mile race and then a rest week... is it possible to rest 6 days after a race then go straight into another long run or are our bodies not cut out for this?

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Difficult slow hilly 7 miler

today I got dropped off at Brixham and ran to near to a cove... via a steep clif path down to a beach and back, and was completely tired after 0.6 of a mile...

1.3 miles later and i was near this cove where i have been running before (already) so i hung a left and found this lovely undulating golf course, with lovely grass - although i stuck to just off the fairway a lot of the time... there were lots of friendly people asking me if i was lost and i was saying - no i know what's in that direction and in that direction - (pointing) - So

other people were waving at me to get out of the way at one point and i just ignored them and kind of thought well sorrrrrry!!! and just kept running...

then i found the coastal path again and went round the car park at Broad sands a couple of times and then all the way up the hill to the nearest shops to get some more water to put in my new camelbak, all the time stopping either for a pee or a water bottle or a phone call to Adrian my fiance... who was picking me up and dropping me off

... so my official time for the whole thing was just over 2 hours, but i stopped my garmin when i stopped so the distance took me 1.50.33 - NOT hugely fast but it was HILLY in places 15.47 min miles if you don't count the stopping which is probably a hell of a lot better than i could have done a few months ago - i'm sure a while ago i couldn't have done the same in less than 18 or 19 min miles so YAY me!!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

easy 6 miler


I name my post this because of Tanya, saying in the thread on saying 'you know you're a runner when...' there were lots of suggestins...
and Tanya says when you can run an easy 6 miler and mean it...
This has been knawing away at me since i heard it... I have now run about at least 10 either Tough 10k races OR Tough 7 mile runs... LOL... (can you see where i'm going with this??)

So anyway today i was determined to run an Easy 6 mile run I took about 1.30 over it, ( i forgot to start my garmin when i started)...and took it slow with 14:41 min miles and 149 BPM which really does class as an easy run EXCEPT my legs hurt a bit near the end... which is the ONLY sign that this was not an easy run!!

I really struggled a LOT more than this with 2 miles a few months ago ... and really, I could have pushed myself a lot harder and it could have been an even better workout - i really didn't push myself a bit - so should I have I don't know...

Last week I ran 7 miles up hill to the moors, the last couple of miles of that were Tough.

I am going to keep my long runs at half my total weekly mileage and get up to 10 mile long run by the end of December...

This really is starting to sound possible - I think i entered a lot of short races this year 10 k's and 5 k's that really take it out of me and then give me a week to taper before and a week to recover after!!

So... Couple of half mary's to aim for now, still sounds difficult

Friday, 2 October 2009

plans for a 10 miler


I have been on holiday in Fuerteventura for a week, it was so lovely that i didn't even run... The heat was too much in the day and then in the evening it was meal time so it just didn't work out with me not getting out of bed early enough either...

I had a Great time but i felt pretty bad about not running come day 5 or 6..

I ran 3.5 miles on incline 1.5 or 1.5+ and have been told that 2.5 is a good hilly run, so i'm working up to that oNE DAY.

I have about a mile to add a month which should be easy...

I have great plans for a medium long run on Mondays, short run and cross train wed and fri and Saturday OUTDOOR long run...

7 miles is what I am up to and now i am thinking God wouldn't it be nice to do a marathon next year... when realisically I am looking at the year after next... but GOD wouldn't it be nice to do a marathon next year??

Maybe as i am so injury free at the moment I can add 10% add a fallback week and get up to some high mileages pretty quick so let me work this out what am i looking at??? LOL

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Starting at the Gym


I recently got a very good deal on off peak gym membership, and have been going two or 3 times a week and doing 30 - 40 mins on treadmill - then 10 mins on stationary bike and sit ups...

I have been finding the treadmill more difficult than outdoors running though... I don't know if it's because there is more interest outdoors or more friendly people walking past that makes me want to push myslef, but is the treadmill actually BORING?

I am only planning my short runs on the treadmill - but as mileage increases that will still be a distance...

I am thinking of doing a medium long run on a monday in the future - so say 4.5 miles mon, rest tue and thurs and sun, 2.5 miles on treadmill + xt on wed and fri and 7 miles sat long run - but this would all vary apart from keeping the wed and fri workouts pretty constant and not going up all that much on the treadmill running... but i guess it has to stay proportionate so it will go up eventually i hope

Anyway - I don't hate running on the treadmill, it's just harder to fill my head, and actually to get much constant speed up - It's in km per hour - and i'm used to min mile pace - and It seems to be more difficult to push and keep pushing - i have been walking for a few seconds then screaming NO to myself and turning the speed up... lol

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

New Training Schedule!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have taken my old training schedule and called it 'New Garmin - Jurassic Coast 10k' and stuck it back on the fridge.

It is complete. I will look at it sometimes. It was my 2x 10 k / 6.42 mile race training for over the summer and the November Barnes Green Half Marathon is off!!!!

My new training schedule is a lot more sensible.... I have made 2... one takes me up to a 10 miler on 3rd Jan and one takes me up to the Half Marathon in Reading on 21st March!!!!

I have only filled in the bare bones - the next few weeks of getting back on track with my injury - (now healed?) and the long runs and weekly totals - when I am back on track I am going to increase by .5 of a mile a week overall for 3 weeks, then have a .75 week, then back to week 3... so ie 15, 15.5, 16, 12, 16, etc etc. so very slow increases...

I think the 10 miler will be my first 10 mile run actually - and then I plan on sticking to 10 mile runs after the rest after the race - for a long time - unless I feel really really good and it's still a long way to go before the half marathon taper.

This will top out my Half Marathon training at roughly 10 miles, but i will cover several 10 mile runs and hope to be really ready for the distance anyway.

I will be VERY close to a 20 mile week by the Reading Half Marathon and will then do the suggested Maintenance of 20 mile weeks for Building A Base for Marathon training so that takes me up to October next year....

Sounds Achievable

I also joined a gym so will be cross training twice a week after voluntary work at the donkey sanctuary cos it's near there.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Jurassic Coast 10k


Well against some advice I ran this race... my quads didn't hurt on a 3 mile run yesterday so I went ahead. I only had a twinge or two for the whole 10k and feel fine now.

The drive there was very exciting remembering the same road to my first race ever 2 years ago.

I positioned myself at the back and looked around, I saw two women about 20 years older than me and through experience thought they will probably beat me.

The race started and to my surprise I set off at the same speed as some other people rather than being at the very back of the pack. i spoke to one guy, during a slow single file stretch near the start - he said he had been roped into it by a friend (also running with him) and hadn't done this sort of thing for 20 years...

I was surprised to hear someone huffing and puffing more than i was, and told him that I had not been anything but last in a 10k before.

I found myself running between the two women I had seen at the start, and stayed running accross places that had slowed me to a walk 2 years ago. The second woman overtook me between km 2 and 3, and I stayed looking at her arse for most of the rest of the race...

There were some killer hills which I did walk up - but they slowed me to only just about being able to put one foot infront of the other last time, this time I power walked up them.

I ran to the point of exhaustion the whole way round and virtually no where was I doing anything but my fastest possible - I hardly paced myself at all and found myself virtually wheezing at times, my average heart rate was 176 (max is 189) as oppoosed to 173 on my last race... whether this is good or bad I don't know.

The long hill down and the 2km long flat bit at the end had the odd spot of walking by both me and the women I was following... I felt like - oh well if you walk - i can walk - and needed it because of the pace I was doing...

I finished in 1:16:58 roughly, (not official time - garmin time) and last time was 1:29:34
So I beat my time by 12:36!!!!!!!!


5 people were behind me, all of them by at least 5 minutes, and the last finisher was something like 20 mins behind me - slower than my last place time 2 years ago - I know it's not all about times but it's really nice to feel like a competitor rather than the mascot.

However it is good to know that I did my best last time as well and that I wasn't actually dragged around by the marshal - I did it on my own 2 legs!!!!

After a cup of tea I was asked by my fiance - could i walk the same course again now - and I was surprised to be able to answer that yea I could.

This makes me very glad to feel back on course for the half marathon in November (sorry to go against advice - but i really am fine and you know me I complain about every little thing)!!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


hi, THIS

is my sister's website : will edit this post re which actual pic it is but it is from the 'Club liberty '09' series

This is an international competition - sis has been doing photography for 5 years, she is at Westminster University in her final year... she was selected from over 2400 photographers and 6300 images!!

I am so proud of her!!!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

sprained quadricep

I have sprained my quadricep muscles and now can't do my 10k at the weekend......... awww...... I was looking forward to it..... looks unlikely i will recover quick enough to do my half marathon in November as well - but that was always a bit ambitious and also there is a good flat March half that I have my eye on...
better for timing...
I don't know how i sprained my quads except that i went too fast too far too soon - i did 12.24 min miles for 7 miles and this is FAST for me, I beat my 5 and 6 and 7 mile times, infact i smashed them...
So I guess because i didn't pace myself or pull out after 5 miles? god - I have a feeling that I will have to go so carefully and slowly with this running thing - 7 miles is my max distance, and now sprained quads -
my doc said i was -1.1 T score where -1 to - 2.5 is Osteopenic and -2.5 and below is Osteoporosis - for each age group - so it's a borderline score which is good!!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

7 miler and health


Had Loads of days off now - through deciding i had a bad ankle and some detoxing problems with diazepam...

I have to take the approach of running 6 days a week again now - and shorter distances for the most part - as i have just had the diagnosis of Osteopenia - meaning that my bone density is one point down - Osteoporosis is 2.5 plus points down - I don't know my exact levels yet
This is down to my Schizophrenia medications increasing the hormone prolactin - and has caused the start of an illness...
I am now going to have to try a medication that doesn't cause this but does sometimes cause life threatening conditions such as agranulocytosis and serious temproary heart problems... the reason it is temporary I think is becuase there are such serious side effects - the medication is monitored almost to the point of excess and this makes it the safest you can actually be on...

Not too impressed that at the age of 34 I have low bone density - as at 35 one is supposed to have the strongest bones of your life - and deteriorates after that - and i have the bones of an unhealthy over 50...

Will ask when i have the gp's appt if this would have any bearing on stress fractures and longer distance running etc.

I hope it is a fairly minor case of it and that the new meds suit me.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

No days off

Experimented with no days off after the race and did actually have less muscle soreness compared with just rest - so this is the 'active rest' I guess,,, i did 1, 2, 3 miles in the 3 days following... so with 2 the day b4 the race, that's quite a lot of running, lol, in 5 days...
Have been coming off diazepam which makes it harder i think... I was put on it in hospital and have been on a small maintenance dose ever since (3 years)...
I am hoping that without it I will be a better runner, but I intend to improve anyway, so I won't know ;-)
Going on a cycle ride tomorrow with my sister, weather could be dry... should be great!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

6 Moor Miles

Fantastic race!! It was cold and starting to rain at the start, my fiance and I got small cups of tea... then time to start, i put myself at the back and said - i will prob be last! out of all these people - god how awful! there were more than 400 race numbers...
but i didn't mean it! my fiance said he didn't want me to be last - incase i got upset, or felt bad about it but i was last, and i don't feel bad
I started right at the back with 2 other runners, but i could tell from the off that they would beat me, because of their running styles and pace, i easily kept up with them for about 2 miles, running and chatting about past and future races and runs, one person had only done 4 miles previously, 10k was my max and this was more than 6 miles on Dartmoor, so I knew it was also the furthest I had ever run - my garmin told me by how much - about 250 meters - at the end!
I let the other runners drift away from me, putting this race with comfortable effort was important to me because I have another 10 k coming up in 2 weeks and not a lot of leeway with increases up until 1st November's half Marathon...
So when my heart rate went up higher than i've seen it I backed off - and then kept to 186 - 176 LOL for the rest of the race!
Surprising how much one can push oneself if the mood is right, - it was a very well marshalled course and the runner at the back was wearing a turtle suit, that must have got very heavy and wet because it was absolutely pouring with rain - i texted my fiance far too early to get out of the car and get to the finish line, I should have texted him again to get some shelter, but my time for 6.42 miles was 1:28:41 and my previous 10k two years ago last time i was a runner was 1:34:29.
So I smashed my time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I have the real challenge ahead of me doing the same course again - a hilly 10 k in 4 weeks time.... which is even more hilly but a little shorter i think, it is one massive up hill climb followed by a nice long sloping downhill...
The 6 moor miles course took us up and down some great slopes and wasn't that muddy, most of it was near gorse or ferns, winding it's way around and a part of it was a short way through a small forrest, the views were beautiful, if misty with rain...
Having run very nearly half a marathon, I feel confident for the first time about the distance... I will have to see how i go this week but will hopefully run 7 miles at the weekend... see how my legs feel!!!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Have been using a heart rate belt and keeping to about 157, which seems to be conversational pace and sustainable... I am not sure if i have the basic understanding here or not, but my runs vary from 12.5 - 16 min mile pace... and usually the 16 min mile pace is on hills so i get a higher hr, say up to 170. I tried to get my hr up as high as i could once and only got to 184 and my resting hr seems to be quite high - so not a big range - about 84.

Had a bit of a shock after a 6 mile run to see that i had burned 1180 kcal - that cant' be right, I will have to check my settings in case I altered my profile by accident in the rain the other day... well it was a bit high left over from carrying weights the other day for a short while but not excessive - so don't know if i have a running total going on here... but my Garmin has never done that before - it just gives a figure for that day...
it was further faster longer stronger and generally better than most runs but then most of it was down a gentle incline... so how is that possible?

Friday, 10 July 2009

Reykjavic Marathon

For a lot of reasons, I have decided £1600 is a lot to go to charity for a day out in London where I grew up

I am going to Reykjavic next year, August 21st instead, where the money will pay for flight, hotels for me and my fiance and also, this money so far was raised by asking family only and we are all saving for it... so it will still go towards my first marathon - I will run it for the charity I work for then - asking friends for 5 ers and 10 ers and the people i work with etc.

there was barely enough time to fit in the training, and this way I will have all the recommended mileage properly behind me before i start the 19 week or 20 week marathon training schedule...
therefore giving me less chance of injury...

I am very excited and liberated by this decision... I will no longer have to hand in all that money just before the taper - which, my physio told me is a time when a lot of people get injured - which would have put a lot of pressure on as well...

I hope that I can continue training with the mileage buildup to a half marathon and then stay at that level until marathon training...

Thursday, 9 July 2009

My training schedule

I have decided to attatch my adjusted schedule - I am doing 8 day instead of 7 day weeks and making the 8th day a rest day - slotted in so that i don't have to run 3 days in a row...

In addition I have 4 'spare' weeks which i can slot in any time i need some time out or possibly, if everything goes well the whole time - I can just repeat a 4 week stretch or take time after my half marathon...

I hope that someone can take a look at it and give me some comments - my physio is not cheap and talks a lot but she has said that this looks like a lot of miles - so can i get away with less than this??

Having difficulties with adding a link, if possible can you press this link and go to the bit on the post that says 'Mileage Buildup and Marathon Training Schedules'

This is also a link - it's at the bottom of the third post!!!!


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

16 mile week

The MBT light jogging is going well, I am 'warming up' for half a mile, light jogging with weights, then changing shoes stretching and carrying on my run...
I cool down at the end by walking and stretching again...
I have had a great time changing shoes and trying a different running style and having a 'break' on some of my muscles very near the start of my run lol
I will increase gradually... and will keep to half a mile at the beginning of every run to start with especially because of my increase to 5 day weeks next week...
This last week I did a training run of 5 miles which was hilly and slow but actually (if I had been able to keep up same pace for one more mile) was exactly my race speed for my hilly race that is coming up... for my upcoming 2x 6 mile/10k races I hope I will be able to keep going at a training pace so that I will have no chance of missing much training...
I have also covered more than 1.5 miles more running than ever in a 4 week period, and more miles than ever in a week by 1
I ran 16 miles this week, 57 in 4 weeks and 63 in a month

Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I have just got back from an amazing holiday in Switzerland, the weather wasn't so great but we had a couple of mostly sunny days where we could go up mountains... once into the snow, and once above the clouds... it was beautiful...
I ran 15 miles while away and we walked about 20+ miles on top of this in the week which is at least twice the walking i usually do... so now i have come back with some sort of painful ankles and knees and i'm totally exhausted, I got back on Sunday, my last run was 3 miles on saturday and then an exhausted 2 miles yesterday...
I am slightly injured, but can't seem to stay off my feet, the pain is so intermittent and isn't getting any worse...
I have just been out for my first session of 'floating' or light running: That:

is what i am thinking about taking up...

and Here it is with the weights I use:

as i run slow anyway, i was thinking maybe this would help with my poor knees and ankles ...
I have been walking in MBTs for the last 2 years and can't wear any other shoe now... so I thought yesterday - so why am i running in regular shoes??

I have been naturally - lately - leaning towards running in the above manner anyway sometimes anyway - running very upright and not very fast - usually when tired
but i have emailed MBT for advice on how it is possible to begin floating when you have been walking in them for a while and how much mileage i should cover at a time to start with: today I did half a mile with the weights...?? could I have done more without them??

I also will definitely vary my shoes to start with and this is something bruce said recently with his quote : always run on the same terrain in the same shoes and you are asking for injury

So maybe i will always vary my shoes, but I am thinking of including most of my running in MBTs when i have worked up to it a bit at a time, I am thinking of taking another pair of shoes with me and changing after half a mile, 3/4 of a mile, 1 mile, 1.5 miles etc a couple of times a week and remembering the 10% rule with it maybe...........??? starting with 2x a week half a mile???

I have gained nearly half a stone or about 6 lbs on holiday ...
I tested the theory that you can't eat more if you exercise more - and it's true -
I usually am so careful on holidays but my diet was going to pot anyway recently so now i have the struggle of attempting to go back on it and it's not going well
I have still lost a stone or 14 lbs since my starting weight, so this is some progress, but now some of my clothes dont' fit again and it's not great looking at myself again...

I have not eaten too much today yet so that can be a starting point...

While i was away i did a run with a backpack on and a run at altitude - both were real challenges.... but the scenery was unbelievable - running around lakes and in the mist and rain and clear weather it was great...!!!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

this is the site I got my marathon training schedule from, at the moment i am at the end of week 1 in the mileage buildup stage which is 4 days a week and 14 miles... Today it took me 56:02 to cover 4 miles...

The great thing is not being too tired after - and still being full of energy, this does not include my warm up cool down or stretching which i don't measure or include as part of the run!!!!

I am not looking too far ahead any more, I am just focusing on the next training run - a 3 mile run on Saturday... hopefully when I get to Switzerland for a holiday I will be able to run on the Sunday - the first day of the second week schedule.....

Prior to this I was doing 11 or 12 miles a week on a regular basis for at least the last 4 months...

I took a friend and my mum with me so that she could walk her dog somewhere interesting today - I ran and they walked - it was really sweet and funny that the dog couldn't figure out why I was leaving and I had to run back and make sure the dog followed me back to his owner. lol so it was quite a zig zagging run... but in the end the dog got the idea and stayed with her.

Sunday, 14 June 2009


I experimented running without sports beans today, and i've actually found a better jelly - i am talking about a single jelly that will last in your mouth for quarter of a mile and will keep you going for a whole mile - wow!!

I have a bit of a sore ankle and really hope that i can get it better by tuesday's run and will run in different shoes on a different surface...

The jellies are from i think they are called 'the natural jelly company' and they really are good - they also do jelly dinasaours and those are great too... I put them in my bra on my first 10 k in a tissue and they got all sweaty - so now i have these ones in a large tic tac box... almost perfect except every time it breaks i will have to eat a lot of tic tacs - so much sugar!!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Hard 3 miler

I don't know 3 miles was so difficult today - I have had a lot of rest in the last 2 days and this should really have been easy - I took a walk break which was great, and felt a lot better after a pee stop too :)

I think i was going too fast for me - I felt competitive with the dog walkers and found the whole thing very challenging - i did 3 miles in about 38 mins, which is pretty fast for me i think, and will go intentionally Very slowly for my 5 miler tomorrow...

I have been trying to wangle my last week as being my first week of Mileage Buildup phase of marathon training and i can only do it Mon - Mon rather than Sun - Sun like my plan says - so it's very confusing for me, Mon - Mon i will have done 14 miles but not Sun - Sun - only 9 lol so I am making this my Mon - Mon first week - and will end up just RUNNING and see what happens... which i am going to do for the whole next few months... i HOPE!!

I want to take it as easy as possible - today wasn't easy - but I need an easy attitude - I don't think I've got one - but I need one

Friday, 12 June 2009

Mileage Buildup

Hi, I have been doing some short and easy runs this week after my 5k, saving a long run of 6 miles for tomorrow or the next day and will hopefully meet my goal of 14 miles this week... with a 6 mile and a 3 mile at the weekend -
I think i have recovered from my 5k last Sat now.
I have had some ankle pain but not a lot, and it's mostly been when i'm not actually running - and then only little twinges... I saw physio and she has given me extra build up for my shoes at the heel to see if that helps and i think it has helped a lot!!!
My marathon build up schedule is about 14 to about 25 miles per week then goes on to official marathon training...
I am only going to make an attempt - and if i get knocked back i think i will take it well - and just go for halfs until the year after next.
The thing about my mileage buildup and marathon training schedule is that it leaves No room for injuries or set backs or holidays and if I am going to take it seriously at some point for next year everything will have to go right... so if it doesn't I hope i won't feel like i have lost much.

Monday, 8 June 2009

my dyslexic sister got my race time wrong!

my sis read the screen at the end of the race and said i'd done it in 36:05, well she was out by about half a minute, lol - my time was 35:24!!! yay!!!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

5k official time

I have just run a 5k race, in 36:05, with a race chip, so it is an official time.  It is a shame that the 5k i ran before with a time of 31:29  wasn't a registered course.  I came away from that not knowing if my Garmin was wrong - saying i'd only run 2.7 miles or something along those lines...
so it was a bit annoying but It's a bit more realistic at least.
I ran with my sister, she did it in 26:56 which is a great time.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Entering the Virgin London Marathon

In running I have found a reason to be. A reason to get up in the morning and a reson to be hppy - to be a runner... I have searched for this in many places, I did a first year of study for many things, to become something...
Yoga Teacher, Shiatsu Practitioner, Counsellor, T.A. Psychotherapist, Acupuncturist, Artist, nd I attempted to make a Career in Yout Work prior to this all mainly aimed at BEING somethign and to achieve the impossible thing "Overcoming Paranoid Schizophrenia"
I have tried to give up my meds and have found myself becoing as ill as my sister, before she died. She was hit by a car, on leave from hospital and absconding, hitchhiking to London. Since then stress or a combination of factors made me ill and I ws hospitalised for the 7th time, thhis time for 9 months... I was bulimic during this time as on and off thorughout my life, so it ws the battle for the doctors to find an injectable form of antipsychoticc that I would not efuse...
The charity I am running for, Mind, started the process of my being able to live as a member of society where I could live with resonable income - through their suppor in helping me to fill out Disability Living Allowance forms. It is a terrible thing that the government makes it so difficult to achieve DLA. It is also a terrible shame that Mind can't provide this service any more.
This has been all important in my becoming secure bout myself as a voluntary worker in society.
I would also like to run this race in memory of my sister.

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Just over 4mph

I have officially ( i think it is time to think it) lost my garmin... this is just after i got my new hr belt which i ordered for about 50£ and will never be able to use... this really sucks

on the positive side it is great news to know that i prefer running without it anyway - i can run to a car measured route one day, run to time another day, and time my miles with a watch instead etc

I prefer it that the garmin is not there to cout every second for me and time me and pace me and measure the run and just to run more for fun

Yesterday i ran 5 miles in 69 mins - not fast but i was still strong at the end of it - and felt like i could have kept it up for another hour

I really enjoyed it... it is difficult keeping away from sunburn in this weather, but so far i've only gone v slightly red in my v neck, which i kept covered on the beach today lol lying there in bikini and hat over face and t shirt over neck lol

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Day after XT

I really felt it today, that is about all i can say - it was a hard run... I felt like giving up after ten minutes but carried on and did nearly 35... I did my physio stretches which are basically quads and calves, which i should be doing anyway - once for the calves - 3x for 30 seconds on each leg at the end of the run, and also 1 min into the run and after warm up walk i did 30 seconds on each leg each of those...
this is the most I have done for a couple of weeks and feels good so far - this is what the physio advised me to do and i will stick with it in the hope that i will not have knee probs any more -

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Running Barefoot

In a post about cross training I had a reply from Wendy that I might want to try barefoot running... there is one place where i feel safe to do this around here that is along the seafront and very family friendly - it has cafe's and steps going down to the rocks where ppl dive or swim and etc. it is all paved and doesn't even have many little black stones to hurt ur feet on...

I felt self conscious and so ran faster but only within capability and only ran 20 mins - the miracle was the ease of the up and down slopes, which were challenging when i first tried them... but now this felt like a nearly flat run...

I was extreemly glad that i did not try this 3 months or 6 months ago and at least felt like a serious ish runner even tho I was quite seriously overtaken at one point by a couple... I know there are faster runners, my sister is a faster runner - i can almost never see myself being that fast... but even at shorter and fatter than the girl who was running with the guy, I am still almost an ok weight now ... and friendlier than them - they didn't wave back !!!

I think I might make this a twice weekly thing, but if I want to try for a barefoot 5k I will have to run back and forwards accross this stretch at least 3x there and back - passing the same ppl at least 6x

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

To Bruce and The Running Bob - Jeff Galloway


both of you have mentioned Jeff Galloway, and i am following his 10k training plan - do you have a certain book you can recommend? are there many?



Monday, 25 May 2009


the hill was 3.8 miles or 1.9 miles one way... I will run 5 miles next week as my long run... I am following Geoff Galloway's 10k training plan at the moment, and should be cross training a bit more.
I have been very slack with stretching, physio, pilates for about 2 weeks now... not too good... need to stop going to Pilates classes i think and concentrate on Physio... (daily??) omg...

Sunday, 24 May 2009

2 mile long hill


Today I ran down half then up the whole thing then back down to half way... it was basically from my fiance's house to the seafront and then back up the hill almost to the ringroad - (the top of the hill) - i think the route one way is about 2 miles - well proably a bit less - i can't find my Garmin anywhere, i need to drive it and edit this post later!!!

It took about 64 mins including warm up and cool down walking and as my pace is very slow up and down hills i think i may have only run 3 miles but we shall see...

I think i must have walked at least around 300 m of it on the way up in little spurts and would definitly aim to get that hill to all running one of these days soon!!!

Did a little walk after up and down some coast path and over some rocks from beach to beach with my fiance Adrian - lovely walk - lovely weather...

Getting used to the hot weather running... part of me was not looking forward to it... (wasn't that hot today - 20C?)

Thursday, 21 May 2009


I ran up and down a hill today - on the road - one of the longest and steepest of my life - i went very slowly and very carefully on the downhills, the most it can have been is just under 2 miles in about 30 mins and it felt really great actually, i was very surprised that i can now run half an hour on a steepish hill - or 15 mins up 15 down, without any problems - i need to increase that by about 3x by my hilly 10 k race but that should hopefully be -

very easy :-)

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Leveling out with Weight Loss and a 3.7 mile run


I have lost between half and one and a half lbs, depending which day of the week i weigh on in the last month and a half!!!

This is so frustrating! I guess I can be happy with a lb a month, which is only 113g of fat a week i think! because i would still lose 12 lbs in a year and I would be a size 10 for my wedding next year and from then on i hope!

It is quite frustrating tho, i have lost 18 or 19 lbs since October, but i haven't really changed my eating since the beginning of the diet - eating about 1750kcal every day that isn't a party or Christmas on average...

So, not fast weight loss either! But faster than 12 lbs a year... I guess it would have to be another 6 weeks and another extra lb and a half down -(AND not including that lb that went back on for no reason this morning)!!!!!!!

I don't know if i should reduce my eating again, I managed 1550 for about a week and then really binged ish so i suppose i am answering my own question by saying maybe i should cut back another 50 or 80 kcal a day and maintain that...?????

I also ran a very slow and comfortable 50 minute 3.7 mile run - give or take an extra walking warm up and cool down. This is the first of my 3x 4mile runs, so i will make the effort to run a bit more next week but i just wanted to see how i went running around the whole reservoir for the first time in a long time...

My sister did it in 35 mins and my fiance walked the short cut and i still walked back to get him at the end! (He is a fast walker tho and was still pretty hard to beat).

Saturday, 16 May 2009

OH no... 8 things, let me think

Bruce quickly tagged me, i think that makes me his ninth tag, does that mean i get out of it??

8 things I'm looking forward to:

1. My 10k Jurassic Coast run in August
2. My sister arriving at my Mum's tonight.
3. My fiance's week off and spending time with him.
4. Going to Lundy Island next week when the weather is good.
5. My 4 mile run on Sunday.
6. Voluntary work next week on Friday.
7. Getting some new skins when i reach the weight for 's'
8. My wedding next year.

8 things I did yesterday:

1. Supported special needs children on the backs of donkeys.
2. Helped with getting kids in wheelchairs onto a cart and walking beside, inside because it was raining.
3. Ate half a home made biscuit and a roll with cheese in the staffroom.
4. Went for a walk with my mum.
5. Then ran for half an hour.
6. Chatted with friends on the internet.
7. Made my first 1 2 3 4 kit meal stir fry from M&S.
8. Spoke on the phone to my fiance about his job change.

8 things I would like to do:

1. Ski again without fear.
2. Run a Marathon.
3. Surf.
4. Stay stopped off smoking for the rest of my life.
5. Run an Ultra Marathon.
6. Run a Half Marathon. (LOL)
7. Go to New Zealand and Australia, the Maldives again, South Africa again.
8. Live to a fit very old age.

8 shows I watch:

1. Doctor Who.
2. Torchwood.
3. ER.
4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (on dvd).
5. Heroes.
6. Eastenders if my mum is watching it.
7. Question Time if my mum is watching it.
8. Snooker, Cricket, etc if my fiance is watching it.

8 people I tag:

1. Tanya 2. Wendy
3. Allen
4. Nikemom
5. Stan
6. Wayne
7. Martin
8. Lorri

PS... I also tagged 8 ppl on another forum

Friday, 15 May 2009

No Garmin on Today's run

today I walked for a bit longer at the start, (of an out and back run) (and a bit shorter at the end) of my run, I started my mum off on a walk because the weather wasn't great and she wants a push in the right direction at the moment - she says!
So I ran further in the time than when i am counting seconds on my Garmin, where i feel a bit like 3000. 2959. 2958. 2957. etc... or something like that .... so it was quite a free feeling to run with a normal wrist watch - not even a sports watch!!

My garmin is missing unfortunately - just after i replaced the heart rate belt, which cost a bit Owch!

This Sunday is my first 4 miler in a long time, since i have been doing physio and pilates to improve my form, muscles and hopefully my knees which i have struggled with a bit on 10k distances.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

First 5k race

I just completed my first 5k race (OH THAT kind of pain Winnston)...

I did it in a total of 31.29 mins, ran 2.73 miles, because i followed the inside ribbon, which makes my average pace 11.33!!!

I never would have thought that possible, but it makes a sub 30 min 5k seem within reach and DAMN it is still a long way off!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was cold to start with, but there was a warmup with an exercise stage and mic, and by the time we got going, (it was an 11am start) it got warmer and warmer with the sun coming out during the race. The grass was medium dry.

It was round a massive field, zig zagging, I thought well, if i beat this heavy person running with a dog i'll be ok, and i didn't see her again, then i kept up with a young kid for a while, eventually i found myself timing myself by these 2 much older women than me, i think i came in between the two. I had so much respect for them i didn't even want to beat them so much as come level.
I did set off too fast as usual, but I almost stayed pretty strong throughout, with bursts of speed in the last 2 k.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Upcoming 5k race


I am doing a 5k run this Sunday! It will be my first 5k race and I wish i knew how to pace it - i think rather slowly because a 5k is now my long run (or 3 miles plus some walking) - on a hilly course... this run should be pretty flat tho, so i will look at my pace for my hilly run and take a min mile off it maybe and try to run to that - probably about 14 min miles - god that is slow!
if i keep it to that maybe i can do a negative split and finish a bit faster!

Monday, 4 May 2009

New Trail Shoes

I started very small with my running - going round a park that is very flat and very small - just about .75miles or something round and just going round that 9x was my max aim (i forget how far it is round - but i think it may have been 1k not sure now)

Then i found an amazing long run which i can do bits of... I would love to do the whole cycle trail as a run.... maybe one day - one way is about 12k

I have recently signed up for another Jurassic Coast 10k and it is amazing - i now run on trails and on hills and it's absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!

sooo I went to the local running shop and found a pair of puma trailfox purple and pink beautiful comfortable new shoes!!!!!!!!


Sunday, 3 May 2009

Starting on Hills

Hi, Today i did a 3 mile run on a beautiful breezy coastal path, with gentle hills up and down most of the way... was quite tough my pace was about 15 or 16 min miles or maybe 16+ i forgot - including the walking warm up and cool down...

I slow down a lot on hills still... i think it took me 49.5 mins to do just about exactly 5k, which is pretty slow but i am really enjoying the hills which is a pretty new thing for me!!!!

I have the Jurassic Coast 10k in August which is on a famously hilly bit of coastline... In runners world this month there is a report on the 3 day Jurassic Coast Challenge - 3 marathons along there in 3 days!!!
Not the thing for me at this time...

Saturday, 25 April 2009



as well as signing up for the 10k, i will also be running it for the charity i have started to work for, the elizabeth svensden trust, which is an organization that gives special needs children donkey rides on rescued donkeys...

so far i have been helping with carting, hoof picking and tacking up and poo picking as well as selling some of my cards at the easter fete, where i earned £12 for them.

I hope that everyone is well, and to catch up soon

10 k training


I will be signing up for a 10k race shortly. The same hilly 10k that finished me off 2 years ago, I really enjoyed it, but it was a bit much at the time - this time i will be more prepared by 6 months of running.

It is on the cliff path at budleigh salterton, jurassic coast 10k. I absolutely loved it - came last but loved it... don't even mind if i am last again... just want to beat my time and have it not finish me off... (within a few weeks i stopped running)... before it took me 4 months to get to 10k distance which was too fast for me... this time i will have taken 10 months...

I am following jeff galloway's 5 k and 10 k training plan... it looks really good... and not too much

I will be racing before i reach the end of the 10k plan but 6 miles is reached 6 weeks before the end, so will just be slightly less than perfectly prepared, but like i said, i don't mind coming last again, it was still good fun!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hi all


I have been running, i only needed to take about 10 days or so off, and then started back again but much more slowly again, I have started to increase again, but very gradually... I am doing a 4 min walk warm up and cool down, and 25 mins running, with a short break and even with the break i am back down to under 13 min miles, which is what i was doing a couple of years ago and wouldn't have even been able to dream about it lately till now...

I think it is great that all the basic slow work has made me fit enough to go faster, i don't know if it is my heart or muscles or both, but somehow i have shaved 2 - 3 min miles off overnight, i hope this is not premature or hasty or an injury watch point but it feels really good, i feel like i'm actually running and not plodding, which is what i thought i would be doing for life!

Thanks runningbob, yes, i'm doing fine, been a bit disenchanted with blogging because of the injury i think . I didn't want to come on here and put anything negative, like - i'm not running at the moment - or anything like that... I have physio exercises given to me with more physio planned for next month at the hospital with running and walking and stairs analysis... so it's all very positive so far... had a mixture of things told is wrong with my knee, first lady said 'lax' knee (i think) and second lady said 'knee cap problems' and slightly knock kneed. Will see.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

knee problem - R.I.C.E

I am really disappointed, i think i won't be able to do the first 5k i signed up for and will probably have to wait until the month after...
I am going to go to a good physio and also to a specialist running shop... i already have custom orthotics, but maybe they didn't have enough motion control and I am still over pronating, I don't think that is the only problem tho
I am thinking very gloomily about this and feel like I will never be the runner i want to be
I might have to end up going back to cycling, which i would prefer not, because I prefer running. could it really be just a case of too much too soon?
I have been so careful most of the time...Damn
Anyway i will do all i can to find out if it is a curable problem...
Thanks Running Bob for the reading suggestion I will definitely check that out

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

the good times

Spent the last week recovering from the 6 miler... I hurt my knees (and possibly psoas) a bit, and I did not like to come on here and admit that I overdid it... I don't know how much running my knees are going to let me do, but I really would like to clock up some serious distances, and frequencies of running in the future... So, I backed off every time there was any pain this week AND took 2 days off 1 day on 1 day off, (3 days off in a week).

My run yesterday was fab, there was a lot of edible hail came down and it covered the ground like snow, and then the sun came out again and melted most of it, but i was kicking big peices of ice and also there were Icicles on the hillside from all the water that comes down... it was very very beautiful,

It is so nice that everyone who is out there jogging or cycling or walking or dog walking is so freindly, i really value that...

Thursday, 29 January 2009

6.47 miles (including .49 walk)

Someone from the forum said - run as far as you can at a slow pace -

I had a great run! I could have done more i think, but i thought i should stay on the sensible side, seeing as i'm training for a 5k and don't want to injure myself... lol ... i couldn't have done a lot more
I walked for 4 minutes as a warm up and then that included did 6 miles in 01.49 hours.!!! very very slow, but i will let the speed come on it's own,

my whole philosophy around running has been not to push myself too hard and I have been good at it for a while now. I think i am still recovering from cold or flu on holiday!!! It was a terrible cold or flu but i still had a great time in Switzerland... my poor fiance had one day off anyway, and then needed another 3 days off work!!!

1.49 hrs is the longest i have ever ran continuously, it was roughly 4.4th of a marathon in distance... I have to admit, after 5 miles, i was thinking,,, 'another 20?? you have got to be kidding?! No?'

No i am not kidding! I want to run marathon!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

running more than i'm walking!

I have had a fab time away but had flu and gave it to my fiance!!!!!
Awful, he took 3 days off, and I spent time in bed in Zermatt :(
But it was an amazing trip away and i have come back rested and fitter than lately...

I was experimenting with running for time not distance and also walking some short distances on the same day as a run...... this has paid off now that i have 'increased' to running for distance... I did 1.5 miles in intervals with 1 mile walking in intervals, (in total 2.5 miles)...

This for me is progress and i will keep it up ! I have entered 2 races, one in Richmond in March and one in Penryn in April, (both 5k's).... I don't want to make the same mistake of running one race and having nothing to look forward to except for recovering and some long - distant - not - entered - yet - race.

Had an amazing long walk in the snow and about 6 tobogganing runs while i was away.... plus lots of spa's in the hotel in the afternoon. Was a great trip away and getting ill didn't ruin it even slightly.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Recovery week

Hi Folks,

I'm really really glad that someone invented recovery weeks, I could not go on without a rest today, i really couldn't.
Green light from my coach for a hilly 10k in August! So now i will need trail running shoes in the Summer!
I am going on holiday to Zermatt Switzerland next week, so lots of walks in the snow and Tobogganing, no skiing this year, but hopefully next year!! Going for 6 days, including 2 nights in Lausanne.
I think i have done well the last couple of weeks, with lots of running and some weights. My run - walk - runs are now half an hour. I am also walking slowly for a while longer to cool down, which adds to the workout and kcal burned with not that much more effort. I think i have to make up for spending so much time on the computer somehow!
Love szgr

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

long run

I have just seen that the 10k jurassic coast race is back on for August this year!!! It is Very Hilly and i Really want to do it again but in better shape and beat my time! Even if I come in at last place again.
So.... I will have to do less overdoing it like last week and more steady progress, now doing speed training on Mondays and long slow distance Saturdays, weights will usually be on Tuesdays, and then fit in a cycle ride and for the moment 2 more runs...
I have a goal now to fit in Cycling and Cross Training with my weights on the same day, but I think that i will have to be a bit fitter for that, to make it every week... that might be a long way off.
for the jurassic coast race, i will have had 11 months of training nearly instead of almost 4 months from scratch... I will get back to this spot if I am told I can't do that by then by my coach !!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

On New Years Eve my sister's cat went missing from my mum's where he has been visiting and on New Years Day he came back... he was gone for 2 nights and one day... we have been frantic and although he is not a house cat and is fine in London, this area is not where he lives! So have been really relieved all day...

My run today was fantastic, I remenisce about starting a fitness fad that lasted about 2 days on one New Years Day, i was going to run on the hilly coastal paths again and took off on my own. I fell over about 3 x in the mud and then gave up on the path and ran round the beach in circles a few times feeling like a complete idiot.

Today I ran 13 and a half minutes out of 30 and it was wonderful to forget about the cat for a while and Just to run... I normally say hi to everyone i go past, but today i just looked at them and walked or jogged past, which is strange... I think New Years Day is a very special day and I think I didn't want to intrude?

I had a long talk with my fiance yesterday and we are still talking about how to move towards moving in together... where to live etc. which is a lovely thing to look forward to this year and in the future after that.

I hope everyone is feeling positive....

Love szgr