Saturday, 24 April 2010

grueling bit less than 10 miles

HI what a horrible run!! i had a good time between about miles 5 and 8 where i was in a bit of a rythm but really this was quite tough at over 15 min miles on a sloping to flat course.

I had to remind myself that not all days feel like this when i run - i plodded round
overtaken by a '48 hr treadmill world record attempt' t shirt

but at the same time there were more friendly people than usual which was a great boost.

Looking forward to easier runs (i think) idk had a couple of nice easy runs lately because of lovely recovery period... felt a bit more rested after 3 days off at one point

oh well struggle struggle

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Easy 8.5 mile lsd run

i am finally not too worried about my back of knee pain

This was a great run and the weather was perfect - mild and breezy and sunny

pretty worried about the volcano getting in the way of my half marathon and honeymoon holidays

if i can't do Tromso and scotland has a clear day might try Skye h/m instead

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Half Marathon / Full Marathon / Dreams

I have been wondering why i have had unreasonable Dreams in the last couple of days about going to Bora Bora - 3 flights, 2 days and about 5000£ away from here and I really have been wondering why I suddenly wanted to climb a Volcano in Bali before dawn

- apart from seeing it on youtube and it looks really cool it is just that all my normal true possible real to life dreams are materializing - i'm getting Married in less than 3 months, Adrian has moved in with me, we have a fab honeymoon planned with a Spa hotel in Austria and some great running routes around there for one of the weeks- it looks beautiful - Midnight Sun Half Marathon in Tromso, Norway also coming up...

All this along with even more ordinary things like cooking and cleaning and selling his house and having a Volunteer Job i love with Donkeys and Special Needs Children, I quit smoking nearly 4 years ago and it's been as long since i've been in hospital...

People say that a marathon is more than twice a half marathon... still healing from my first half but starting to believe i can do it...

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Recovering STILL


I have just been to physiotherapy - she says i have tight muscles or smth after the marathon and because there are a lot of nerves in the leg - that's why it's hurting ... i must do calf raises twice a day and will soon have even stronger calves
i will be running every other day for the next week and only 2-3 miles each time
for a week

I have plans for long runs recover recover 10 10 8 11 12 8 13 13 taper taper race recover recover wed ( i mean get married ) !!! honeymoon!! run a little in the Austrian and Swiss mountains but as much as i want or as little as i want lol whatever takes me...
those are my basic plans anyway

soooooooo not so bad to have another week or 2 weeks recovery - hope that the second week of recovery includes an 8 miles run at least - i must recover my long runs some time soon the rest after the h/m is dragging on because i wasn't quite ready for it and now i am recovering 2 and a half weeks later still - so is this usual 3+ weeks to recover?
it's annoying!!