Wednesday, 29 July 2009

No days off

Experimented with no days off after the race and did actually have less muscle soreness compared with just rest - so this is the 'active rest' I guess,,, i did 1, 2, 3 miles in the 3 days following... so with 2 the day b4 the race, that's quite a lot of running, lol, in 5 days...
Have been coming off diazepam which makes it harder i think... I was put on it in hospital and have been on a small maintenance dose ever since (3 years)...
I am hoping that without it I will be a better runner, but I intend to improve anyway, so I won't know ;-)
Going on a cycle ride tomorrow with my sister, weather could be dry... should be great!

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Mellow Yellow said...

Looking forward to reading your next blog. Sorry we won't be meeting before October but at least I can keep in touch by reading about you!