Sunday, 17 May 2009

Leveling out with Weight Loss and a 3.7 mile run


I have lost between half and one and a half lbs, depending which day of the week i weigh on in the last month and a half!!!

This is so frustrating! I guess I can be happy with a lb a month, which is only 113g of fat a week i think! because i would still lose 12 lbs in a year and I would be a size 10 for my wedding next year and from then on i hope!

It is quite frustrating tho, i have lost 18 or 19 lbs since October, but i haven't really changed my eating since the beginning of the diet - eating about 1750kcal every day that isn't a party or Christmas on average...

So, not fast weight loss either! But faster than 12 lbs a year... I guess it would have to be another 6 weeks and another extra lb and a half down -(AND not including that lb that went back on for no reason this morning)!!!!!!!

I don't know if i should reduce my eating again, I managed 1550 for about a week and then really binged ish so i suppose i am answering my own question by saying maybe i should cut back another 50 or 80 kcal a day and maintain that...?????

I also ran a very slow and comfortable 50 minute 3.7 mile run - give or take an extra walking warm up and cool down. This is the first of my 3x 4mile runs, so i will make the effort to run a bit more next week but i just wanted to see how i went running around the whole reservoir for the first time in a long time...

My sister did it in 35 mins and my fiance walked the short cut and i still walked back to get him at the end! (He is a fast walker tho and was still pretty hard to beat).

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