Saturday, 6 June 2009

5k official time

I have just run a 5k race, in 36:05, with a race chip, so it is an official time.  It is a shame that the 5k i ran before with a time of 31:29  wasn't a registered course.  I came away from that not knowing if my Garmin was wrong - saying i'd only run 2.7 miles or something along those lines...
so it was a bit annoying but It's a bit more realistic at least.
I ran with my sister, she did it in 26:56 which is a great time.


Dustie said...

Great job!!!!!!!!!!!

robison52 said...

Congrats on a official 5k time, you now have a target to beat next time! Happy to hear that your sister runs too, must be great genes!!