Sunday, 28 February 2010



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Saturday, 27 February 2010

19.5 miles this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the first week yet where i have run what has to be the average of the year and really really want to do 1000+++ miles this year

I have a bit of catching up to do having now ran 103.5 this year...

but I am not too worried because i have the plan to double my mileage this year - so no worries about catching up

Did a very easy 5 mile run - probably my least alarming 5 mile run ever - and pretty fast - but i had no garmin on me I think it took 1 hr 4 mins but i gave up looking at my watch after an hour and nearly being there lol

Lovely weather - there was some hazy sunshine ahead of a big gale tomorrow

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Very difficult ended up walking a lot


I just got back from an 11 mile run... I walked the last of three circuits - must have been about a third of the time

I went slower than usual and ended up with some pain on the inside of my knee inside leg - i think this is a tendon

this eased up when i walked and so i ended up taking a lot of walking breaks...

I had a not very impressive 15.73 min mile avg and really after doing a slightly longer distance in a lot less time on the treadmill last week makes me think that i have been doing something wrong this week - although last week's tread run was partly so fast because of the virtual chocolate chip cookie dash 10k (as part of the distance)

I think with some stopping on the treadmill last week i did 11.25 in 2:32 this week was 11 in 2:53

I had some trouble actually getting around to doing a long run for the first time this week - my excuse being that next week is a recovery week so i have a bit of leeway

but i feel like this is a worrying trend of putting off a long run - unless i have programed in every 8th day instead of every 7th - i should be sticking to the same day of the week...

I guess the chocolate chip cookie dash was a bit of a real race even tho it was virtual and i have been recovering a bit - this is a real downside - feeling like i'm not getting anywhere after a fast run when actually i'm recovering

I can't believe i will ever run more than 11 miles... but 11 would have sounded stupid a year ago so i am ready to improve and continue to build stamina

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Virtual Chocolate Chip Cookie Dash 10k

Hi my time was 1:23:59, which is only 7 mins slower than race time or less!!!

I just finished 11.25 miles on the treadmill - in total i was at the gym for 3 hrs including stretching... 2.45 hrs for the run inc toilet break,, things flying off the back of the treadmill and pulling out the emergency stop button stoppage time and also the tread will only let us do an hour... and 2:30:25 actual running time...

Which makes this by far my fastest long distance on the treadmill - it really helped that the first half was broken up by a virtual race and really, Really taught me to carry a pen and paper for runs like this...

Had 2 sports drinks - some jelly belly after, and 2x 500ml water... and then a cookie (chocolate COATED but nm)

I had a hard time working out how much liquid and kcal i would need for the new distance and expected it to take longer actually - but was quite happy to alternate sports drink and water

when i do the same outdoors next week, i will fill my camelbak with watered down sports drink.... does anyone have any advice? i have never watered down a sports drink before...??

If you fly like a Partridge


my mum just gave me this very inspirational quote which i love..

If you fly like a Partridge, you're gonna get shot...

If you fly like an Eagle, no one can catch you...

I just love it ... I just went for a 2.85 mile run and I thought about this quote... it was great although i felt like a very slow, hovering Eagle or tried to be positive, but kept on feeling like a Partridge... lol

SO I made myself into an Eagle, and it was a lovely experience, an Eagle with faults or??? idk, a slow Eagle, an Eagle who hovers, and only fartlek's over to get some prey occasionally??

I have my first 11.25 mile run Tomorrow - it will be my first run longer than 10 miles.... my first time with a long run that heads into being more than half way into a 20 mile Marathon Training Run....
((long way from Marathon Training - have 3 halfs this year tho))

Monday, 8 February 2010

funny 10 miles

this was an odd 10 miles i went downhill on some pretty stoney trail for 5 miles - worried about my ankles then leveled out to a nice round circuit for the next 5...

I don't think i came in in less than 2.30 but it was close - i was worried about my knee for the second half - odly - haven't had much knee pain lately

But now home and icing my calves to see if i can combat calf swelling that has been alarming really after long runs...

And feeling great again!!

Have just worked out my total mileage from March 7th last year ( when real records started ) until March 7th this year (projected) and it's not even over 500 miles :-/ it's 469.7

I find that not very impressive but am aiming very high this year with the 1000+++ goal with Tallmomontherun and many others...

sooo i guess not far off 500 miles if i'd had it as a goal i could have done it i think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Back from Holiday/ illness break

did a 2.25 mile run (thanks Tallmumontherun for the .25) lol
today and it was sooo fab - i spent most of it trying to catch up with a walker on a very long straight - so i was very much thinking - ok make this a tempo run...

I have been on holiday in switzerland but i guess that it's a good thing i didn't bring my running shoes what with cold AND psychotic symptoms...

ok so maybe a run would have done me good - but what about running in the snow - a
long distance would have ruined my ankeles and boy did i want to do a long distance...

but there was tobogganing - i am so rubbish unless i ride pillion - soo many bruises - i am planning a group lessons ski holiday with my sister and fiance next year and if Clare wants to bring someone at the time hopefully she can...

feeling very back to normal but want a meds increase temporarily anyway - i have an appt to see about oral meds top up and see if I can stop any more symptoms before anything bad happens... was pretty much the worst psychiatric problems i've had in about 3.75 yrs so am worried...