Sunday, 24 May 2009

2 mile long hill


Today I ran down half then up the whole thing then back down to half way... it was basically from my fiance's house to the seafront and then back up the hill almost to the ringroad - (the top of the hill) - i think the route one way is about 2 miles - well proably a bit less - i can't find my Garmin anywhere, i need to drive it and edit this post later!!!

It took about 64 mins including warm up and cool down walking and as my pace is very slow up and down hills i think i may have only run 3 miles but we shall see...

I think i must have walked at least around 300 m of it on the way up in little spurts and would definitly aim to get that hill to all running one of these days soon!!!

Did a little walk after up and down some coast path and over some rocks from beach to beach with my fiance Adrian - lovely walk - lovely weather...

Getting used to the hot weather running... part of me was not looking forward to it... (wasn't that hot today - 20C?)

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