Wednesday, 31 March 2010

over a week since half marathon

Still got a sore knee - (behind the knee joint) - no energy to run at all - I have done a total of 9 miles since last sunday - most of it crawling or walking - but the odd mile quite fast...

I don't know when my running mojo will come back, i am like a bruised warrior, etc etc etc i just hate it - wanna get back out there and RUN

Saturday, 27 March 2010

My first half Marathon!!


It was a great day - i raced against the final 1000 people i think - i didn't even get to see the elites because i took the long way round to the start 'avoiding crouds'

My time was 2:47:03 and i have decided to lose 30 lbs for my full Marathon next year because of this site:

and this site:

between them i have worked out i can shave about 45 mins off full marathon just
by losing weight
as well as being properly trained for the full thing i would like to give myself the best chance possible of coming in in under 5 hrs.

my calves have not swollen up at all this time and i am now going to losely follow hal higdon's intermediate half marathon plan for Tromso

I am not going to do the Tavy 13 in a month because i would not be properly trained for it what with recovery and taper!!!!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Official Overdoing it


I have been to a doctor who, 3 days after my last long run, looked at my swollen calves and said: it's lactic acidosis...

Which means over-worked muscles...

He actually checked for shin splints and tendon damage as well - but i don't think I have put the mileage in for shin splints yet - thank goodness - lol - and i'm glad i'm not actually injured...

I have been very scared by how drastically swollen my calves have been getting after a new distance - my first 8, 10 , 11.25 and 12 milers were all followed by this kind of swelling... the doc just said i had been seriously overdoing it - i think i can now run 8 miles without swelling and 10 miles with no pain at all - so i'm not too far off the half marathon.

He asked me how important the half marathon is to me and i said that i had sponsorship already and that it was important to me - i think he was asking - do you want to put yourself through that AGAIN?

I really will hope now that race day will bring new energy not new fears - he has suggested walking only for the next 4 days - so a full week of no running - and more stretching - followed by very limited run - walk - running...

I think i will find that i have to run - walk - run this first half marathon anyway - I really thought i had been following a sensible schedule - but maybe i need to go slower than most with my increases - or maybe i just stepped it up too quickly...

I really promise that i will not find myself following an advanced half marathon plan for my second half marathon - ( i will give the Tavy 13 a miss in 5 weeks time ) - which is not till June.

I think everyone has different limits with their fitness and running and i'm sure i will come up with a few more over time - this is not my limit - it is only the beginnng of long distances...

Monday, 8 March 2010

first 12 miler - race in 2 weeks!

Hi, today - i started out rested and ambitious - i tried a moderate cycle route and went the easy way after about a quarter - nice little hilly great detour for the future!

I walked quite a lot - most half miles had some walking - short breaks - but i felt like such a failure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't so much now because it was tough and took a lot of effort ... i stopped quite frequently and ammassed about 20 mins of stoppage time - but the running was 3: 03: something...

I hope my first half will not be much over 3 hrs - i will race it - but i will try to remember the aim is to complete first time and have a time to beat...

under 3 hours would be ideal....

Saturday, 6 March 2010

one long run to go and a Taper!

Hi i have a 12 miler which i might do downhill lol as it's my first time doing this distance !! Run to near home and get a lift ...

I have just ran a 5 mile uphill route to make up for it - it is tougher - I did go slower than the downhill way but this was 5.25 in 1:12:32....

Wedding plans are coming along! we are sorting out invites and menu options next week... Just about got the day planned - showing my sister (my photographer) and her assistant the venue for the reception and the registry office today...

Thursday, 4 March 2010

26.5 Miles in a week!!! I'm amazed

Ok so now i'm taking a couple of days off - but wow i was not prepared for what i realized after realizing that that is what happens when you move a long run back a day and have 2 long runs 6 days apart instead of 7 days apart

I ran wed 11, then 2.5, 5, and tue 8 in the same week! INFACT i just had to re calculate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was 24 when i started this post!! i'm exhausted !!! lol

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Please follow Reykjavik2011 also 8 mile

8 mile recovery long run!!! right - so i was slow with 14.48 min miles - right - so i walked a bit.... Wimp or athlete?? lol

This run was only 6 days after my last long run - so i don't think i was fully recovered...

getting on quite well with putting a sports drink in my camelbak but thinking about swapping to gels and water for hm.

Will need to find out if they are supplying anything... 19 days to go!!