Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Have been using a heart rate belt and keeping to about 157, which seems to be conversational pace and sustainable... I am not sure if i have the basic understanding here or not, but my runs vary from 12.5 - 16 min mile pace... and usually the 16 min mile pace is on hills so i get a higher hr, say up to 170. I tried to get my hr up as high as i could once and only got to 184 and my resting hr seems to be quite high - so not a big range - about 84.

Had a bit of a shock after a 6 mile run to see that i had burned 1180 kcal - that cant' be right, I will have to check my settings in case I altered my profile by accident in the rain the other day... well it was a bit high left over from carrying weights the other day for a short while but not excessive - so don't know if i have a running total going on here... but my Garmin has never done that before - it just gives a figure for that day...
it was further faster longer stronger and generally better than most runs but then most of it was down a gentle incline... so how is that possible?

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Mellow Yellow said...

Hi. It's me again. The idiot. Really thinking of you and supporting you every step of the way. Give me a ring when you can. Just to talk about running and Reykjavic. XXX