Tuesday, 6 January 2009

long run

I have just seen that the 10k jurassic coast race is back on for August this year!!! It is Very Hilly and i Really want to do it again but in better shape and beat my time! Even if I come in at last place again.
So.... I will have to do less overdoing it like last week and more steady progress, now doing speed training on Mondays and long slow distance Saturdays, weights will usually be on Tuesdays, and then fit in a cycle ride and for the moment 2 more runs...
I have a goal now to fit in Cycling and Cross Training with my weights on the same day, but I think that i will have to be a bit fitter for that, to make it every week... that might be a long way off.
for the jurassic coast race, i will have had 11 months of training nearly instead of almost 4 months from scratch... I will get back to this spot if I am told I can't do that by then by my coach !!


Stan said...

I know you will get there :) Your doing great just keep it up. I keep overdoing it too, so i know how you feel.

Tanya said...

It's always fun to run a race a second time and see if you can improve your time-good job on your running so far-keep up the good work, your doing great!