Wednesday, 4 February 2009

the good times

Spent the last week recovering from the 6 miler... I hurt my knees (and possibly psoas) a bit, and I did not like to come on here and admit that I overdid it... I don't know how much running my knees are going to let me do, but I really would like to clock up some serious distances, and frequencies of running in the future... So, I backed off every time there was any pain this week AND took 2 days off 1 day on 1 day off, (3 days off in a week).

My run yesterday was fab, there was a lot of edible hail came down and it covered the ground like snow, and then the sun came out again and melted most of it, but i was kicking big peices of ice and also there were Icicles on the hillside from all the water that comes down... it was very very beautiful,

It is so nice that everyone who is out there jogging or cycling or walking or dog walking is so freindly, i really value that...

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The Running Bob said...

Absolutely love running during and after a blanket of snow covers the ground! Cool, crisp air to let you know you're alive.

Have you read Jeff Galloway's books about run-walk training programs? It's how I started and still use some of his techniques.