Sunday, 10 May 2009

First 5k race

I just completed my first 5k race (OH THAT kind of pain Winnston)...

I did it in a total of 31.29 mins, ran 2.73 miles, because i followed the inside ribbon, which makes my average pace 11.33!!!

I never would have thought that possible, but it makes a sub 30 min 5k seem within reach and DAMN it is still a long way off!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was cold to start with, but there was a warmup with an exercise stage and mic, and by the time we got going, (it was an 11am start) it got warmer and warmer with the sun coming out during the race. The grass was medium dry.

It was round a massive field, zig zagging, I thought well, if i beat this heavy person running with a dog i'll be ok, and i didn't see her again, then i kept up with a young kid for a while, eventually i found myself timing myself by these 2 much older women than me, i think i came in between the two. I had so much respect for them i didn't even want to beat them so much as come level.
I did set off too fast as usual, but I almost stayed pretty strong throughout, with bursts of speed in the last 2 k.

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robison52 said...

Congrats on finishing your first 5k race!!! I bet you can't wait to challenge yourself again. You're much too nice to the other competitors...strive to have the "eye of the tiger." Your running growth is inspirational!!!!