Sunday, 17 October 2010

Rift in Time and Space Half Marathon


this is CARDIFF and the setting for all my favourite TV shows, walked around and had a look at the Torchwood (anogram for doctor who) Hub and the posh way in to the undergroud place, a slab of pavement where there is a perception filter, so that no passers by see the paving stone going down with the people on it!!

And i ran a half marathon around this beautiful city, taking a pee behind a tree in a Park!!, going over this one place where someone disapeared into Cardiff's rift in Time and Space..

anyway back to the race...

I stayed at a hotel near to the start line, perfect for a warm up , got up at a good time, but really should have got there earlier to ensure that i had enough time to find safety pins, we didn't find the Race Villiage till AFTER and was wandering around the baggage drops and the start line getting very fed up, but i was given 2 long strips of stripy wide duck tape, in striking yellow and black diagonals, and stuck it to my shirt, the top bit stayed attatched!! the whole way round!!

so i will look out for photos...

the most amazing thing about this race is I MATCHED my p.b.

2:47:03 AGAIN


i will give you my split times because i was Very slow and in a good zone until about mile 8 then a bit faster for a couple of miles and all out in the last 5k....

Wayne - you said dont' worry about giving it a kick at the end - i don't know what you meant - but suddenly i was Racing...!!!

I was very much focused on form and feeling fresh throughout... it wasn't quite a breeze, the 12 - 13 mile mark was a hard mile...

lap 1 12.48 mi / mi 146 bpm avg

lap2 13,43 mi/ mi 146 bpm avg

lap 3 13.55 mi / mi 143 bpm avg

lap 4 13,56 mi/mi 143bpm avg

lap 5 13.29 mi/ mi 143 bpm avg

lap 6 13.38 mi /mi 143 bpm avg

lap 7 13,25 mi / mi 145 bpm avg

lap 8 13.13 mi / mi 150 bpm avg

lap 9 13.29 mi / mi 152 bpm avg

lap 10 12.18 mi / mi 158 bpm avg

lap 11 11.28 mi /mi 166 bpm avg

lap 12 10.53 mi / mi 174 bpm avg (!)

lap 13 12.22 mi /mi 172 bpm avg (bit tired)

well 2 mi at about 90 % most of it was around 78 - 82% when i was actually looking

last 5 k as a race? what did i want to be stupid??

I hope i will not be too sore i have a hip flexor in a bit of pain becuase of the hill run the other day

might not do exactly that same run in a hurry or if not much slower at some point...

again - recovery suggestions, based on my race would be amazing and soooooooo apreciated i love to get advice and need to know -might keep 12 miles as a long run for a couple of weeks

I will try finding a reverse taper of a half marathon plan and reverse the process

Thanks for reading