Monday, 4 May 2009

New Trail Shoes

I started very small with my running - going round a park that is very flat and very small - just about .75miles or something round and just going round that 9x was my max aim (i forget how far it is round - but i think it may have been 1k not sure now)

Then i found an amazing long run which i can do bits of... I would love to do the whole cycle trail as a run.... maybe one day - one way is about 12k

I have recently signed up for another Jurassic Coast 10k and it is amazing - i now run on trails and on hills and it's absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!

sooo I went to the local running shop and found a pair of puma trailfox purple and pink beautiful comfortable new shoes!!!!!!!!


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Ryan said...

I recently got a pair of Puma THE SUEDE 90S... Those are comfortable shoes for me...