Friday, 30 October 2009

losing weight!! yay!


I lost 16 lbs between Sept and March last and this year and then came to a complete standstill... It didn't matter what i did i tried and tried and not hard enough obviously!!

I have just started about 9 days ago, an equivelant to slimfast diet which kind of makes me cringe to think about it because i feel like it has a reputation as a 'real diet'... with a lot of marketing, and it's not cheap either, i'm using shakes from a sports nutrition company specifically for weight loss and am eating 2 shakes, 1 sports recovery protien bar, an apple (or equivelant) and one meal a day of about 5 - 700 kcal... so this is a kcal restricted diet... 228 + 228 + 280 +70 + 500 - 700 oh plus 150 kcal in milk for tea and coffee!! so 1650 avg

But i am eating about 400kcal extra for a long run of 5 - 8 miles or roughly that (increasing) ... That kind of workout needs feeding!!

AND it's working!!!!!!!!!!!! So now i have got past the stage of giving up out of boredom which usually happens to me after about 3 days on a meal replacement diet... and will I hope lose another 17 - 22 lbs for my wedding and etc. depending on when people start commenting that i am looking ill (which happens at a very high weight for me really) I want to be in the 131 - 136 range I'm 5' 4"

Saturday, 24 October 2009

first 8 miler


I almost can't believe i did it, but i had at least two hilly 7 miles behind me, so thought it was time for 8.

I went on a fairly flat just over 2 lap course and got to 3 miles in about 42 mins, walked for 3 minutes and kept that up through the run - walking one minute per mile... I got to 10k in 1:26:59 (then walked for 3 mins) which is not that bad for me and passed my total minutes on my feet running at 1:50 something...

The whole thing took me about 1:54 something, in 14.13 min miles overall - my only pause was picking up another bottle of water from the car... so this sets me up for my 7 mile race in two weeks...

my legs started hurting a tiny bit at just before the six mile mark so i walked two minutes and then managed to finish fairly strong.

I don't know if your legs are meant to hurt a bit when you start getting your distances up or maybe aren't quite used to the distance...

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Looking forward to my Long Runs

This is like waiting for the Weekend all over again... I really can't wait - and get excited and look forward to it...

I get a little tired and then i get proud of my achievement... then i have a small hangover from it, but from about wednesday morning onwards I am completely psyched!!

I have my first 8 miler and i think i will get my Garmin to put it into 2 laps and aim for a negative split...

This will be a flat run and will give me an idea of what i'm capable of after a couple of hilly 7 milers....

I hope i am progressing slowly enough but i have a recovery week next week - then one week 'on' then one taper week (a bit) then the 7 mile race and then a rest week... is it possible to rest 6 days after a race then go straight into another long run or are our bodies not cut out for this?

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Difficult slow hilly 7 miler

today I got dropped off at Brixham and ran to near to a cove... via a steep clif path down to a beach and back, and was completely tired after 0.6 of a mile...

1.3 miles later and i was near this cove where i have been running before (already) so i hung a left and found this lovely undulating golf course, with lovely grass - although i stuck to just off the fairway a lot of the time... there were lots of friendly people asking me if i was lost and i was saying - no i know what's in that direction and in that direction - (pointing) - So

other people were waving at me to get out of the way at one point and i just ignored them and kind of thought well sorrrrrry!!! and just kept running...

then i found the coastal path again and went round the car park at Broad sands a couple of times and then all the way up the hill to the nearest shops to get some more water to put in my new camelbak, all the time stopping either for a pee or a water bottle or a phone call to Adrian my fiance... who was picking me up and dropping me off

... so my official time for the whole thing was just over 2 hours, but i stopped my garmin when i stopped so the distance took me 1.50.33 - NOT hugely fast but it was HILLY in places 15.47 min miles if you don't count the stopping which is probably a hell of a lot better than i could have done a few months ago - i'm sure a while ago i couldn't have done the same in less than 18 or 19 min miles so YAY me!!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

easy 6 miler


I name my post this because of Tanya, saying in the thread on saying 'you know you're a runner when...' there were lots of suggestins...
and Tanya says when you can run an easy 6 miler and mean it...
This has been knawing away at me since i heard it... I have now run about at least 10 either Tough 10k races OR Tough 7 mile runs... LOL... (can you see where i'm going with this??)

So anyway today i was determined to run an Easy 6 mile run I took about 1.30 over it, ( i forgot to start my garmin when i started)...and took it slow with 14:41 min miles and 149 BPM which really does class as an easy run EXCEPT my legs hurt a bit near the end... which is the ONLY sign that this was not an easy run!!

I really struggled a LOT more than this with 2 miles a few months ago ... and really, I could have pushed myself a lot harder and it could have been an even better workout - i really didn't push myself a bit - so should I have I don't know...

Last week I ran 7 miles up hill to the moors, the last couple of miles of that were Tough.

I am going to keep my long runs at half my total weekly mileage and get up to 10 mile long run by the end of December...

This really is starting to sound possible - I think i entered a lot of short races this year 10 k's and 5 k's that really take it out of me and then give me a week to taper before and a week to recover after!!

So... Couple of half mary's to aim for now, still sounds difficult

Friday, 2 October 2009

plans for a 10 miler


I have been on holiday in Fuerteventura for a week, it was so lovely that i didn't even run... The heat was too much in the day and then in the evening it was meal time so it just didn't work out with me not getting out of bed early enough either...

I had a Great time but i felt pretty bad about not running come day 5 or 6..

I ran 3.5 miles on incline 1.5 or 1.5+ and have been told that 2.5 is a good hilly run, so i'm working up to that oNE DAY.

I have about a mile to add a month which should be easy...

I have great plans for a medium long run on Mondays, short run and cross train wed and fri and Saturday OUTDOOR long run...

7 miles is what I am up to and now i am thinking God wouldn't it be nice to do a marathon next year... when realisically I am looking at the year after next... but GOD wouldn't it be nice to do a marathon next year??

Maybe as i am so injury free at the moment I can add 10% add a fallback week and get up to some high mileages pretty quick so let me work this out what am i looking at??? LOL