Sunday, 31 May 2009

Just over 4mph

I have officially ( i think it is time to think it) lost my garmin... this is just after i got my new hr belt which i ordered for about 50£ and will never be able to use... this really sucks

on the positive side it is great news to know that i prefer running without it anyway - i can run to a car measured route one day, run to time another day, and time my miles with a watch instead etc

I prefer it that the garmin is not there to cout every second for me and time me and pace me and measure the run and just to run more for fun

Yesterday i ran 5 miles in 69 mins - not fast but i was still strong at the end of it - and felt like i could have kept it up for another hour

I really enjoyed it... it is difficult keeping away from sunburn in this weather, but so far i've only gone v slightly red in my v neck, which i kept covered on the beach today lol lying there in bikini and hat over face and t shirt over neck lol

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