Thursday, 29 January 2009

6.47 miles (including .49 walk)

Someone from the forum said - run as far as you can at a slow pace -

I had a great run! I could have done more i think, but i thought i should stay on the sensible side, seeing as i'm training for a 5k and don't want to injure myself... lol ... i couldn't have done a lot more
I walked for 4 minutes as a warm up and then that included did 6 miles in 01.49 hours.!!! very very slow, but i will let the speed come on it's own,

my whole philosophy around running has been not to push myself too hard and I have been good at it for a while now. I think i am still recovering from cold or flu on holiday!!! It was a terrible cold or flu but i still had a great time in Switzerland... my poor fiance had one day off anyway, and then needed another 3 days off work!!!

1.49 hrs is the longest i have ever ran continuously, it was roughly 4.4th of a marathon in distance... I have to admit, after 5 miles, i was thinking,,, 'another 20?? you have got to be kidding?! No?'

No i am not kidding! I want to run marathon!

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