Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I ran 10 miles!!


YAYYYY!!! *raises arms above head*

It was RAINING! the whole time, very heavy drizzle or heavy rain... I was dry including my shoes for the first mile and was feeling very happy to be dry still, but a little while later i was just as happy to be wet!

I had a brand new Garmin on (delivered as a replacement) and it is scratch free and not broken!! It was impossible to figure out how to work it tho i had got used to my old one - so no time out for my pee break it all went on the time.

I also walked every mile - not trusting the funny thing on my wrist i counted my paces 90 - 240 depending on how tired i was i walked 9 or 10 times, trying to get a walk a little for each mile

The first 4 miles flew by, and i was really tired by the time i'd finished the first 5 miles because i stepped up training last week and did a 16 mile week, hopefully 17 this week and 18 the week after, or about that (I want to get an 11 miler or 12? pushing it? before the 10 mile race on 3rd Jan)

Miles 6 and 8 were quite hard because of the increase in training anyway but by 7.5 i started to speed up to beat 2.5 hrs and to finish strong - i still had loads of energy left, but was worried about pushing it. I had a little pain in my legs - but not in the usual places so i wasn't worried.

The last 2.5 miles were the best i think, running through massive streams in the road, (once twisting my ankle because the sky was reflected in the water and i missed a pothole) which was on the whole very fun.

I got very used to WET and noticed not much except my footfalls and some people and nature... my time was:


14:40 min miles and


I think I could do a lot faster!


Sarah said...

Congrats on your 10 miles...awesome! That is a big milestone!

The Running Bob said...

In your honor, I'm raising the roof!