Sunday, 31 May 2009

Just over 4mph

I have officially ( i think it is time to think it) lost my garmin... this is just after i got my new hr belt which i ordered for about 50£ and will never be able to use... this really sucks

on the positive side it is great news to know that i prefer running without it anyway - i can run to a car measured route one day, run to time another day, and time my miles with a watch instead etc

I prefer it that the garmin is not there to cout every second for me and time me and pace me and measure the run and just to run more for fun

Yesterday i ran 5 miles in 69 mins - not fast but i was still strong at the end of it - and felt like i could have kept it up for another hour

I really enjoyed it... it is difficult keeping away from sunburn in this weather, but so far i've only gone v slightly red in my v neck, which i kept covered on the beach today lol lying there in bikini and hat over face and t shirt over neck lol

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Day after XT

I really felt it today, that is about all i can say - it was a hard run... I felt like giving up after ten minutes but carried on and did nearly 35... I did my physio stretches which are basically quads and calves, which i should be doing anyway - once for the calves - 3x for 30 seconds on each leg at the end of the run, and also 1 min into the run and after warm up walk i did 30 seconds on each leg each of those...
this is the most I have done for a couple of weeks and feels good so far - this is what the physio advised me to do and i will stick with it in the hope that i will not have knee probs any more -

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Running Barefoot

In a post about cross training I had a reply from Wendy that I might want to try barefoot running... there is one place where i feel safe to do this around here that is along the seafront and very family friendly - it has cafe's and steps going down to the rocks where ppl dive or swim and etc. it is all paved and doesn't even have many little black stones to hurt ur feet on...

I felt self conscious and so ran faster but only within capability and only ran 20 mins - the miracle was the ease of the up and down slopes, which were challenging when i first tried them... but now this felt like a nearly flat run...

I was extreemly glad that i did not try this 3 months or 6 months ago and at least felt like a serious ish runner even tho I was quite seriously overtaken at one point by a couple... I know there are faster runners, my sister is a faster runner - i can almost never see myself being that fast... but even at shorter and fatter than the girl who was running with the guy, I am still almost an ok weight now ... and friendlier than them - they didn't wave back !!!

I think I might make this a twice weekly thing, but if I want to try for a barefoot 5k I will have to run back and forwards accross this stretch at least 3x there and back - passing the same ppl at least 6x

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

To Bruce and The Running Bob - Jeff Galloway


both of you have mentioned Jeff Galloway, and i am following his 10k training plan - do you have a certain book you can recommend? are there many?



Monday, 25 May 2009


the hill was 3.8 miles or 1.9 miles one way... I will run 5 miles next week as my long run... I am following Geoff Galloway's 10k training plan at the moment, and should be cross training a bit more.
I have been very slack with stretching, physio, pilates for about 2 weeks now... not too good... need to stop going to Pilates classes i think and concentrate on Physio... (daily??) omg...

Sunday, 24 May 2009

2 mile long hill


Today I ran down half then up the whole thing then back down to half way... it was basically from my fiance's house to the seafront and then back up the hill almost to the ringroad - (the top of the hill) - i think the route one way is about 2 miles - well proably a bit less - i can't find my Garmin anywhere, i need to drive it and edit this post later!!!

It took about 64 mins including warm up and cool down walking and as my pace is very slow up and down hills i think i may have only run 3 miles but we shall see...

I think i must have walked at least around 300 m of it on the way up in little spurts and would definitly aim to get that hill to all running one of these days soon!!!

Did a little walk after up and down some coast path and over some rocks from beach to beach with my fiance Adrian - lovely walk - lovely weather...

Getting used to the hot weather running... part of me was not looking forward to it... (wasn't that hot today - 20C?)

Thursday, 21 May 2009


I ran up and down a hill today - on the road - one of the longest and steepest of my life - i went very slowly and very carefully on the downhills, the most it can have been is just under 2 miles in about 30 mins and it felt really great actually, i was very surprised that i can now run half an hour on a steepish hill - or 15 mins up 15 down, without any problems - i need to increase that by about 3x by my hilly 10 k race but that should hopefully be -

very easy :-)

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Leveling out with Weight Loss and a 3.7 mile run


I have lost between half and one and a half lbs, depending which day of the week i weigh on in the last month and a half!!!

This is so frustrating! I guess I can be happy with a lb a month, which is only 113g of fat a week i think! because i would still lose 12 lbs in a year and I would be a size 10 for my wedding next year and from then on i hope!

It is quite frustrating tho, i have lost 18 or 19 lbs since October, but i haven't really changed my eating since the beginning of the diet - eating about 1750kcal every day that isn't a party or Christmas on average...

So, not fast weight loss either! But faster than 12 lbs a year... I guess it would have to be another 6 weeks and another extra lb and a half down -(AND not including that lb that went back on for no reason this morning)!!!!!!!

I don't know if i should reduce my eating again, I managed 1550 for about a week and then really binged ish so i suppose i am answering my own question by saying maybe i should cut back another 50 or 80 kcal a day and maintain that...?????

I also ran a very slow and comfortable 50 minute 3.7 mile run - give or take an extra walking warm up and cool down. This is the first of my 3x 4mile runs, so i will make the effort to run a bit more next week but i just wanted to see how i went running around the whole reservoir for the first time in a long time...

My sister did it in 35 mins and my fiance walked the short cut and i still walked back to get him at the end! (He is a fast walker tho and was still pretty hard to beat).

Saturday, 16 May 2009

OH no... 8 things, let me think

Bruce quickly tagged me, i think that makes me his ninth tag, does that mean i get out of it??

8 things I'm looking forward to:

1. My 10k Jurassic Coast run in August
2. My sister arriving at my Mum's tonight.
3. My fiance's week off and spending time with him.
4. Going to Lundy Island next week when the weather is good.
5. My 4 mile run on Sunday.
6. Voluntary work next week on Friday.
7. Getting some new skins when i reach the weight for 's'
8. My wedding next year.

8 things I did yesterday:

1. Supported special needs children on the backs of donkeys.
2. Helped with getting kids in wheelchairs onto a cart and walking beside, inside because it was raining.
3. Ate half a home made biscuit and a roll with cheese in the staffroom.
4. Went for a walk with my mum.
5. Then ran for half an hour.
6. Chatted with friends on the internet.
7. Made my first 1 2 3 4 kit meal stir fry from M&S.
8. Spoke on the phone to my fiance about his job change.

8 things I would like to do:

1. Ski again without fear.
2. Run a Marathon.
3. Surf.
4. Stay stopped off smoking for the rest of my life.
5. Run an Ultra Marathon.
6. Run a Half Marathon. (LOL)
7. Go to New Zealand and Australia, the Maldives again, South Africa again.
8. Live to a fit very old age.

8 shows I watch:

1. Doctor Who.
2. Torchwood.
3. ER.
4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (on dvd).
5. Heroes.
6. Eastenders if my mum is watching it.
7. Question Time if my mum is watching it.
8. Snooker, Cricket, etc if my fiance is watching it.

8 people I tag:

1. Tanya 2. Wendy
3. Allen
4. Nikemom
5. Stan
6. Wayne
7. Martin
8. Lorri

PS... I also tagged 8 ppl on another forum

Friday, 15 May 2009

No Garmin on Today's run

today I walked for a bit longer at the start, (of an out and back run) (and a bit shorter at the end) of my run, I started my mum off on a walk because the weather wasn't great and she wants a push in the right direction at the moment - she says!
So I ran further in the time than when i am counting seconds on my Garmin, where i feel a bit like 3000. 2959. 2958. 2957. etc... or something like that .... so it was quite a free feeling to run with a normal wrist watch - not even a sports watch!!

My garmin is missing unfortunately - just after i replaced the heart rate belt, which cost a bit Owch!

This Sunday is my first 4 miler in a long time, since i have been doing physio and pilates to improve my form, muscles and hopefully my knees which i have struggled with a bit on 10k distances.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

First 5k race

I just completed my first 5k race (OH THAT kind of pain Winnston)...

I did it in a total of 31.29 mins, ran 2.73 miles, because i followed the inside ribbon, which makes my average pace 11.33!!!

I never would have thought that possible, but it makes a sub 30 min 5k seem within reach and DAMN it is still a long way off!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was cold to start with, but there was a warmup with an exercise stage and mic, and by the time we got going, (it was an 11am start) it got warmer and warmer with the sun coming out during the race. The grass was medium dry.

It was round a massive field, zig zagging, I thought well, if i beat this heavy person running with a dog i'll be ok, and i didn't see her again, then i kept up with a young kid for a while, eventually i found myself timing myself by these 2 much older women than me, i think i came in between the two. I had so much respect for them i didn't even want to beat them so much as come level.
I did set off too fast as usual, but I almost stayed pretty strong throughout, with bursts of speed in the last 2 k.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Upcoming 5k race


I am doing a 5k run this Sunday! It will be my first 5k race and I wish i knew how to pace it - i think rather slowly because a 5k is now my long run (or 3 miles plus some walking) - on a hilly course... this run should be pretty flat tho, so i will look at my pace for my hilly run and take a min mile off it maybe and try to run to that - probably about 14 min miles - god that is slow!
if i keep it to that maybe i can do a negative split and finish a bit faster!

Monday, 4 May 2009

New Trail Shoes

I started very small with my running - going round a park that is very flat and very small - just about .75miles or something round and just going round that 9x was my max aim (i forget how far it is round - but i think it may have been 1k not sure now)

Then i found an amazing long run which i can do bits of... I would love to do the whole cycle trail as a run.... maybe one day - one way is about 12k

I have recently signed up for another Jurassic Coast 10k and it is amazing - i now run on trails and on hills and it's absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!

sooo I went to the local running shop and found a pair of puma trailfox purple and pink beautiful comfortable new shoes!!!!!!!!


Sunday, 3 May 2009

Starting on Hills

Hi, Today i did a 3 mile run on a beautiful breezy coastal path, with gentle hills up and down most of the way... was quite tough my pace was about 15 or 16 min miles or maybe 16+ i forgot - including the walking warm up and cool down...

I slow down a lot on hills still... i think it took me 49.5 mins to do just about exactly 5k, which is pretty slow but i am really enjoying the hills which is a pretty new thing for me!!!!

I have the Jurassic Coast 10k in August which is on a famously hilly bit of coastline... In runners world this month there is a report on the 3 day Jurassic Coast Challenge - 3 marathons along there in 3 days!!!
Not the thing for me at this time...