Sunday, 3 May 2009

Starting on Hills

Hi, Today i did a 3 mile run on a beautiful breezy coastal path, with gentle hills up and down most of the way... was quite tough my pace was about 15 or 16 min miles or maybe 16+ i forgot - including the walking warm up and cool down...

I slow down a lot on hills still... i think it took me 49.5 mins to do just about exactly 5k, which is pretty slow but i am really enjoying the hills which is a pretty new thing for me!!!!

I have the Jurassic Coast 10k in August which is on a famously hilly bit of coastline... In runners world this month there is a report on the 3 day Jurassic Coast Challenge - 3 marathons along there in 3 days!!!
Not the thing for me at this time...

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