Tuesday, 2 November 2010



I have a 13 mile run on the treadmill to report - 2 weeks after my half marathon - felt a bit sore the next day but not nearly as much as my first race

I ran 22.5 mi this week but my 12 weekly avg is still only 13 - i need to improve week after week now as i really need my average to go up - maybe i should only include the last month avg or work out my MONTHLY averages...

I don't know

At the moment i am doing 4 or 5 day spurts followed by a day or two off

I will run today maybe 4 or 5 miles and then cross train the next morning with a yoga class and hope to run same day later on

I am obsessed with June next year and really need to let up a bit on the mental side of things and also increase my mileage in a big way...
don't know if those 2 things go together

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Rift in Time and Space Half Marathon


this is CARDIFF and the setting for all my favourite TV shows, walked around and had a look at the Torchwood (anogram for doctor who) Hub and the posh way in to the undergroud place, a slab of pavement where there is a perception filter, so that no passers by see the paving stone going down with the people on it!!

And i ran a half marathon around this beautiful city, taking a pee behind a tree in a Park!!, going over this one place where someone disapeared into Cardiff's rift in Time and Space..

anyway back to the race...

I stayed at a hotel near to the start line, perfect for a warm up , got up at a good time, but really should have got there earlier to ensure that i had enough time to find safety pins, we didn't find the Race Villiage till AFTER and was wandering around the baggage drops and the start line getting very fed up, but i was given 2 long strips of stripy wide duck tape, in striking yellow and black diagonals, and stuck it to my shirt, the top bit stayed attatched!! the whole way round!!

so i will look out for photos...

the most amazing thing about this race is I MATCHED my p.b.

2:47:03 AGAIN


i will give you my split times because i was Very slow and in a good zone until about mile 8 then a bit faster for a couple of miles and all out in the last 5k....

Wayne - you said dont' worry about giving it a kick at the end - i don't know what you meant - but suddenly i was Racing...!!!

I was very much focused on form and feeling fresh throughout... it wasn't quite a breeze, the 12 - 13 mile mark was a hard mile...

lap 1 12.48 mi / mi 146 bpm avg

lap2 13,43 mi/ mi 146 bpm avg

lap 3 13.55 mi / mi 143 bpm avg

lap 4 13,56 mi/mi 143bpm avg

lap 5 13.29 mi/ mi 143 bpm avg

lap 6 13.38 mi /mi 143 bpm avg

lap 7 13,25 mi / mi 145 bpm avg

lap 8 13.13 mi / mi 150 bpm avg

lap 9 13.29 mi / mi 152 bpm avg

lap 10 12.18 mi / mi 158 bpm avg

lap 11 11.28 mi /mi 166 bpm avg

lap 12 10.53 mi / mi 174 bpm avg (!)

lap 13 12.22 mi /mi 172 bpm avg (bit tired)

well 2 mi at about 90 % most of it was around 78 - 82% when i was actually looking

last 5 k as a race? what did i want to be stupid??

I hope i will not be too sore i have a hip flexor in a bit of pain becuase of the hill run the other day

might not do exactly that same run in a hurry or if not much slower at some point...

again - recovery suggestions, based on my race would be amazing and soooooooo apreciated i love to get advice and need to know -might keep 12 miles as a long run for a couple of weeks

I will try finding a reverse taper of a half marathon plan and reverse the process

Thanks for reading

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ashtanga and other Yoga

Hi I have just been starting to get in some cross training in the last 3 weeks and it's been FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't explain how much yoga has meant to me in the past - and i have found yoga invaluable when long term in patient psychiatric hospitals...

I really don't think cross training should be so much fun!!

I think cross training is something you Have to do and Should do and only do in bits and peices here and there and give up a lot as i usually have....

To find something where i would love to put in the challenge of getting to either 6 or 7 day weeks.... of getting my fix.... every day..... where i haven't even done 5 days yet so that is what i'll start with...

I think i have worked out more intensely than intensively ??

I have done big deals at too fast or too long or hard maybe ? or just not built it up slowly enough

or had the motivation maybe

But my motivation is on overdrive at the moment - i will have to be carefull not to burn out - but in a way - i never did have enough motivation - i think i just wanted to....

even so the intensively has come into play with my one Ashtanga class that i went to 10 days ago, which Wiped me out Completely for a whole week - my long run wasn't kept to schedule and was 5 days later and slowish

I did another class (1.5 hrs) on Saturday - which was easy ish other than some of the upper body stuff and some of the ballancing stuff...

I did my first 2 hr class with this teacher and it killed me - but that was from couch and at the start of my yoga - so it was amazing that i was good enough with my leg strength to be better in some of it than ever -

Amazed to be enjoying yoga again - wasn't really expecting it or looking forward to it just had the idea one day!!!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

My fave downhill run

Hi, I again did a 5.4 downhill run- in 1:04 I am glad that my time keeps improving - that is with very little effort and trying very hard not to push myself as only did 10km race 4 days ago - but i have been thinking a little bit like 'f' recovery!!!
it's not the most amazing journey ...
i have done this run in 56 mins... it loses about i think 600m sooo gradually and needs someone with a car the other end because it's a fantastic one way downhill run

I think i can only class it as a 4 mi run or call it a run to time because it is not as much of a challenge as going the other way - which i sometimes do and enjoy equally...

I just can't wait to get to a 10 miler in a couple of weeks or so or 11, when my Garmin is working again and go UP and DOWN - so far all my longer runs have been on a circular route or at races the up and back thing is great for some reason - esp up and down a long slow hill - you can really feel the gradient on a bike even more so than on foot i think because you almost have no need for peddals on the way down!!!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Powderham Castle 10km

Finally found the webpage with my result on it - my chip time was 1:17:27

worse than it could have been but i was forefoot striking for the first time in a race after only a few weeks of practicing this form of running.

I have no doubt that the scenery was very beautiful - but being kinesthetic with my mind and running i'm absolutely oblivious and only saw the ground infront of me and felt like i was going far too fast at the beginning, then too slow for the middle bit then all out for the last 4km

it was so stupid to start so near the front and overtake people i knew would just take me back but it felt so easy and the maybe 9.5 min mile i did half of was absolutely the same in feeling as the 13 min mile near the end - because when not tired - how are you supposed to not push it?

I always usually know the answer to that and have never yet failed so dismally as this time at pacing myself

the run went up a grass bank / garden then round onto a path then by the estuary and then round and into the beautiful small roads and woods, then back through a courtyard in the castle and return same way as started.

It was a lot tougher than i thought ... i was under trained - new to forefoot strike - and maybe someone can tell me which of those is a more important feature in my slow race.... I ran a 10km race in 1:13:01 4 weeks ago after avg 4 mpw for 8 weeks, then i get back into my groove a little and have one silly 7,5 mi week and then finish on a race far from my pb.

I hope that it is the forefoot strike out of those - which i'm certain will make me faster in the long run... longer runs...

I did a 2 mi hilly beautiful coastal windy rainy run today it was Gorgeous

and then only about 6 mins of intense yoga - my 4th go at yoga in a week - longest so far 20 mins... improving at first but now tired... i am gonna look at the classes in Totnes again there is a hippy town about 30 mins from where i live i will see if i can get back into classes soon - i am so not ready yet!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


They still have not posted my time on the internet ! i think because it was a special photo oppourtunity for the charity with everyone asked to wear their t shirts before the race specifically - they might be working on the website for a bit longer than usual!

I think it was about 1:17 for 10km of VERY gentle inclines and some real short hills, up and down and etc - but as a preview to my race report I overtook about 7-9 people in the last 3km!!! i really really went mental and pushed and pushed and pushed!! lol - first for me - i usually keep my place or lose it to others!! too fast off the mark then too slow for first 5km prob made it poss!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Hi again

LONG time no blogging!!! everyone else seems a bit quiet around here too!!
I'm just back into running after an 8 week lull of roughly 4 mi per Week!!
When i got married etc!!
So, back to running and in between 2, 10k races - 2nd tomorrow - and a half marahton in 5 weeks!! omg can i really do it with this little preparation? i've done 7.5 quality miles this week, 7.5 total last week and 16.5 the week before - this is not sounding exactly ready for a half marathon just yet - but i hope to get about 2 or so longer runs in before it - a couple of 10 mile runs would be ideal although my longest lately was only 7.6mi in one go

and started back doing a 'tiny bit' of ashtanga yoga - who knows how stupid i can get over that - or not - just promises sometimes - other times i get really hooked - it's not really something to be played with a bit like running but this really is fun for me when i do it properly - but the obsession is x2 that of running - it's a real double edged sword to me.... I don't know what i'm doing getting back into it - except i might get strong arms and shoulders and etc

Saturday, 24 April 2010

grueling bit less than 10 miles

HI what a horrible run!! i had a good time between about miles 5 and 8 where i was in a bit of a rythm but really this was quite tough at over 15 min miles on a sloping to flat course.

I had to remind myself that not all days feel like this when i run - i plodded round
overtaken by a '48 hr treadmill world record attempt' t shirt

but at the same time there were more friendly people than usual which was a great boost.

Looking forward to easier runs (i think) idk had a couple of nice easy runs lately because of lovely recovery period... felt a bit more rested after 3 days off at one point

oh well struggle struggle

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Easy 8.5 mile lsd run

i am finally not too worried about my back of knee pain

This was a great run and the weather was perfect - mild and breezy and sunny

pretty worried about the volcano getting in the way of my half marathon and honeymoon holidays

if i can't do Tromso and scotland has a clear day might try Skye h/m instead

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Half Marathon / Full Marathon / Dreams

I have been wondering why i have had unreasonable Dreams in the last couple of days about going to Bora Bora - 3 flights, 2 days and about 5000£ away from here and I really have been wondering why I suddenly wanted to climb a Volcano in Bali before dawn

- apart from seeing it on youtube and it looks really cool it is just that all my normal true possible real to life dreams are materializing - i'm getting Married in less than 3 months, Adrian has moved in with me, we have a fab honeymoon planned with a Spa hotel in Austria and some great running routes around there for one of the weeks- it looks beautiful - Midnight Sun Half Marathon in Tromso, Norway also coming up...

All this along with even more ordinary things like cooking and cleaning and selling his house and having a Volunteer Job i love with Donkeys and Special Needs Children, I quit smoking nearly 4 years ago and it's been as long since i've been in hospital...

People say that a marathon is more than twice a half marathon... still healing from my first half but starting to believe i can do it...

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Recovering STILL


I have just been to physiotherapy - she says i have tight muscles or smth after the marathon and because there are a lot of nerves in the leg - that's why it's hurting ... i must do calf raises twice a day and will soon have even stronger calves
i will be running every other day for the next week and only 2-3 miles each time
for a week

I have plans for long runs recover recover 10 10 8 11 12 8 13 13 taper taper race recover recover wed ( i mean get married ) !!! honeymoon!! run a little in the Austrian and Swiss mountains but as much as i want or as little as i want lol whatever takes me...
those are my basic plans anyway

soooooooo not so bad to have another week or 2 weeks recovery - hope that the second week of recovery includes an 8 miles run at least - i must recover my long runs some time soon the rest after the h/m is dragging on because i wasn't quite ready for it and now i am recovering 2 and a half weeks later still - so is this usual 3+ weeks to recover?
it's annoying!!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

over a week since half marathon

Still got a sore knee - (behind the knee joint) - no energy to run at all - I have done a total of 9 miles since last sunday - most of it crawling or walking - but the odd mile quite fast...

I don't know when my running mojo will come back, i am like a bruised warrior, etc etc etc i just hate it - wanna get back out there and RUN

Saturday, 27 March 2010

My first half Marathon!!


It was a great day - i raced against the final 1000 people i think - i didn't even get to see the elites because i took the long way round to the start 'avoiding crouds'

My time was 2:47:03 and i have decided to lose 30 lbs for my full Marathon next year because of this site:


and this site:


between them i have worked out i can shave about 45 mins off full marathon just
by losing weight
as well as being properly trained for the full thing i would like to give myself the best chance possible of coming in in under 5 hrs.

my calves have not swollen up at all this time and i am now going to losely follow hal higdon's intermediate half marathon plan for Tromso

I am not going to do the Tavy 13 in a month because i would not be properly trained for it what with recovery and taper!!!!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Official Overdoing it


I have been to a doctor who, 3 days after my last long run, looked at my swollen calves and said: it's lactic acidosis...

Which means over-worked muscles...

He actually checked for shin splints and tendon damage as well - but i don't think I have put the mileage in for shin splints yet - thank goodness - lol - and i'm glad i'm not actually injured...

I have been very scared by how drastically swollen my calves have been getting after a new distance - my first 8, 10 , 11.25 and 12 milers were all followed by this kind of swelling... the doc just said i had been seriously overdoing it - i think i can now run 8 miles without swelling and 10 miles with no pain at all - so i'm not too far off the half marathon.

He asked me how important the half marathon is to me and i said that i had sponsorship already and that it was important to me - i think he was asking - do you want to put yourself through that AGAIN?

I really will hope now that race day will bring new energy not new fears - he has suggested walking only for the next 4 days - so a full week of no running - and more stretching - followed by very limited run - walk - running...

I think i will find that i have to run - walk - run this first half marathon anyway - I really thought i had been following a sensible schedule - but maybe i need to go slower than most with my increases - or maybe i just stepped it up too quickly...

I really promise that i will not find myself following an advanced half marathon plan for my second half marathon - ( i will give the Tavy 13 a miss in 5 weeks time ) - which is not till June.

I think everyone has different limits with their fitness and running and i'm sure i will come up with a few more over time - this is not my limit - it is only the beginnng of long distances...

Monday, 8 March 2010

first 12 miler - race in 2 weeks!

Hi, today - i started out rested and ambitious - i tried a moderate cycle route and went the easy way after about a quarter - nice little hilly great detour for the future!

I walked quite a lot - most half miles had some walking - short breaks - but i felt like such a failure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't so much now because it was tough and took a lot of effort ... i stopped quite frequently and ammassed about 20 mins of stoppage time - but the running was 3: 03: something...

I hope my first half will not be much over 3 hrs - i will race it - but i will try to remember the aim is to complete first time and have a time to beat...

under 3 hours would be ideal....

Saturday, 6 March 2010

one long run to go and a Taper!

Hi i have a 12 miler which i might do downhill lol as it's my first time doing this distance !! Run to near home and get a lift ...

I have just ran a 5 mile uphill route to make up for it - it is tougher - I did go slower than the downhill way but this was 5.25 in 1:12:32....

Wedding plans are coming along! we are sorting out invites and menu options next week... Just about got the day planned - showing my sister (my photographer) and her assistant the venue for the reception and the registry office today...

Thursday, 4 March 2010

26.5 Miles in a week!!! I'm amazed

Ok so now i'm taking a couple of days off - but wow i was not prepared for what i realized after realizing that that is what happens when you move a long run back a day and have 2 long runs 6 days apart instead of 7 days apart

I ran wed 11, then 2.5, 5, and tue 8 in the same week! INFACT i just had to re calculate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was 24 when i started this post!! i'm exhausted !!! lol

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Please follow Reykjavik2011 also 8 mile

8 mile recovery long run!!! right - so i was slow with 14.48 min miles - right - so i walked a bit.... Wimp or athlete?? lol

This run was only 6 days after my last long run - so i don't think i was fully recovered...

getting on quite well with putting a sports drink in my camelbak but thinking about swapping to gels and water for hm.

Will need to find out if they are supplying anything... 19 days to go!!

Sunday, 28 February 2010



please go to


and continue to follow - schizophrenicgirlrunning no longer exists - please follow reykjavik2011 instead!!!!!


Saturday, 27 February 2010

19.5 miles this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the first week yet where i have run what has to be the average of the year and really really want to do 1000+++ miles this year

I have a bit of catching up to do having now ran 103.5 this year...

but I am not too worried because i have the plan to double my mileage this year - so no worries about catching up

Did a very easy 5 mile run - probably my least alarming 5 mile run ever - and pretty fast - but i had no garmin on me I think it took 1 hr 4 mins but i gave up looking at my watch after an hour and nearly being there lol

Lovely weather - there was some hazy sunshine ahead of a big gale tomorrow

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Very difficult ended up walking a lot


I just got back from an 11 mile run... I walked the last of three circuits - must have been about a third of the time

I went slower than usual and ended up with some pain on the inside of my knee inside leg - i think this is a tendon

this eased up when i walked and so i ended up taking a lot of walking breaks...

I had a not very impressive 15.73 min mile avg and really after doing a slightly longer distance in a lot less time on the treadmill last week makes me think that i have been doing something wrong this week - although last week's tread run was partly so fast because of the virtual chocolate chip cookie dash 10k (as part of the distance)

I think with some stopping on the treadmill last week i did 11.25 in 2:32 this week was 11 in 2:53

I had some trouble actually getting around to doing a long run for the first time this week - my excuse being that next week is a recovery week so i have a bit of leeway

but i feel like this is a worrying trend of putting off a long run - unless i have programed in every 8th day instead of every 7th - i should be sticking to the same day of the week...

I guess the chocolate chip cookie dash was a bit of a real race even tho it was virtual and i have been recovering a bit - this is a real downside - feeling like i'm not getting anywhere after a fast run when actually i'm recovering

I can't believe i will ever run more than 11 miles... but 11 would have sounded stupid a year ago so i am ready to improve and continue to build stamina

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Virtual Chocolate Chip Cookie Dash 10k

Hi my time was 1:23:59, which is only 7 mins slower than race time or less!!!

I just finished 11.25 miles on the treadmill - in total i was at the gym for 3 hrs including stretching... 2.45 hrs for the run inc toilet break,, things flying off the back of the treadmill and pulling out the emergency stop button stoppage time and also the tread will only let us do an hour... and 2:30:25 actual running time...

Which makes this by far my fastest long distance on the treadmill - it really helped that the first half was broken up by a virtual race and really, Really taught me to carry a pen and paper for runs like this...

Had 2 sports drinks - some jelly belly after, and 2x 500ml water... and then a cookie (chocolate COATED but nm)

I had a hard time working out how much liquid and kcal i would need for the new distance and expected it to take longer actually - but was quite happy to alternate sports drink and water

when i do the same outdoors next week, i will fill my camelbak with watered down sports drink.... does anyone have any advice? i have never watered down a sports drink before...??

If you fly like a Partridge


my mum just gave me this very inspirational quote which i love..

If you fly like a Partridge, you're gonna get shot...

If you fly like an Eagle, no one can catch you...

I just love it ... I just went for a 2.85 mile run and I thought about this quote... it was great although i felt like a very slow, hovering Eagle or tried to be positive, but kept on feeling like a Partridge... lol

SO I made myself into an Eagle, and it was a lovely experience, an Eagle with faults or??? idk, a slow Eagle, an Eagle who hovers, and only fartlek's over to get some prey occasionally??

I have my first 11.25 mile run Tomorrow - it will be my first run longer than 10 miles.... my first time with a long run that heads into being more than half way into a 20 mile Marathon Training Run....
((long way from Marathon Training - have 3 halfs this year tho))

Monday, 8 February 2010

funny 10 miles

this was an odd 10 miles i went downhill on some pretty stoney trail for 5 miles - worried about my ankles then leveled out to a nice round circuit for the next 5...

I don't think i came in in less than 2.30 but it was close - i was worried about my knee for the second half - odly - haven't had much knee pain lately

But now home and icing my calves to see if i can combat calf swelling that has been alarming really after long runs...

And feeling great again!!

Have just worked out my total mileage from March 7th last year ( when real records started ) until March 7th this year (projected) and it's not even over 500 miles :-/ it's 469.7

I find that not very impressive but am aiming very high this year with the 1000+++ goal with Tallmomontherun and many others...

sooo i guess not far off 500 miles if i'd had it as a goal i could have done it i think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Back from Holiday/ illness break

did a 2.25 mile run (thanks Tallmumontherun for the .25) lol
today and it was sooo fab - i spent most of it trying to catch up with a walker on a very long straight - so i was very much thinking - ok make this a tempo run...

I have been on holiday in switzerland but i guess that it's a good thing i didn't bring my running shoes what with cold AND psychotic symptoms...

ok so maybe a run would have done me good - but what about running in the snow - a
long distance would have ruined my ankeles and boy did i want to do a long distance...

but there was tobogganing - i am so rubbish unless i ride pillion - soo many bruises - i am planning a group lessons ski holiday with my sister and fiance next year and if Clare wants to bring someone at the time hopefully she can...

feeling very back to normal but want a meds increase temporarily anyway - i have an appt to see about oral meds top up and see if I can stop any more symptoms before anything bad happens... was pretty much the worst psychiatric problems i've had in about 3.75 yrs so am worried...

Friday, 22 January 2010

Killer 5.5 miler

Hi .................... that was tough!!!

I have spent the whole week getting over a half mile bf run and now i finally made it out there again and i think I needed to bargain with myself the whole way round... just one more mile - just get to a third of the way round etc...

I have been able to stop at 5.5 instead of 6.5 and luckily i can make up the extra mile tomorrow or the day after on the treadmill at the airport hotel - going to Switzerland!!!!!!!!!!!!! tomorrow to London - day after to Switz....

I actually didn't plan that extra mile until I remembered later on - i have been helped with a training plan and have decided that I can manage the higher number rather than the lower number ... ie 15 not 13... 21 not 19 ...etc. up until my half marathon - it is only 2 months away now and the next week will be All resting - other than climbing around in the snow to view points or walking to and from restaurants etc.

This is my First Ever Half Marathon coming up on the 21st of March by the way - it is flat and it's in Reading near London....

there are 16 500 ppl running!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think i will be last i think some people will be behind me....

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Running Barefoot

Today i ran barefoot again - just 6 mins or half a mile

I did it along the seafront on paving and it was exhilirating!!

I bought my Vibrams 5 fingers, but have started with total bare feet because I have been advised to by Wendy of the about.com running forum!!

I am starting a lot more carefully this time and beginning with only 5 - 6 mins and will get some real advice for how to progress...

I am wearing my Vibrams around the house and out and getting used to any pressure points...

all good so far...

Monday, 18 January 2010

Very tough 8 miles on Treadmill


yes Bruce - I will eat as much good stuff as i can - i do have a good diet and should still cut down on meats.

I am pretty tired from that run today - I went sooo slowly and really struggled, but i am going to try a running club this week on Wednesday eve.... I hope it goes okay they are pretty serious!!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Can't go vegan

Hi, well, i can't go vegan because i smell too much... :-(

I will have to be normal...

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Lovely 5 mile downhill run!

This is one of my favourite runs! get dropped off by mum in one place and run down the cycle trail to a more downhill place... my sister came with me but finished first as she's faster, but i took 1:02:32 not fastest ever but wasn't trying to - was watching my hr for the first time in a while (159 avg)

is it cheating to take the downhill route?? I think i have solved it - i will run 8 miles uphill to make up for it on Monday ....


Thursday, 14 January 2010

Going Veggie


although i would love to go Vegan again, i have at least taken steps towards and have gone Veggie as of Today!!!!!!!!!!!

I was Veggie for about 11.5 yrs and vegan for about .5 yr.

It has been a long time and i am relearning things I used to know on the internet etc as of today...

while i was eating meat and fish I KNOW i was getting a pretty healthy diet... now i have to worry about g of protien and g of carbs and fats in a different way again

Is Whey protien - ??? that is from milk right?? i think it is ,,,, pretty sure that is difficult to beat as a sports supplement...

I will have to look into vegan option for sports drinks, but i think i like this one gel i just found enough not to care too much what it' s got in it it's chocolate flavoured!!

I have found a great forum that is good for sports and veggie/vegan - but many of them seem to know a lot less about running than about.com , although i have seen one who is going for an ironman and is vegan!!!!

I am quite worried that i will be discriminated against for being only about 75% vegan - as I will be eating eggs sometimes and milk for the moment, there was a thread where they really laid into Alanis Morrissette for being 90% vegan... as in 90% against domestic violence or etc.

I think not eating meat is a step in the right direction for me, but i am not really willing to go through some of the trials of a 100% vegan - even with the B12 thing - there are real issues for the muscles and not getting enough even if you supplement, some ppl get mouth ulcers from the supplement or are low even tho they supplement or end up needing B12 injections.

I feel like i have entered a minefield!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I think I am a little bit tired but the main thing i am worried about is my QUADS on my right leg acting up AGAIN...

Last time i rested for 2 WEEKS and i guess it hasn't completely healed or it's a re - injured quad...

It only hurts a little but it hurts when i have been WALKING for the rest of the day since a short gentle ish 2 MILE RUN...

I am soooooooooooooooo annoyed that i am going to try NOT resting it and see if it gets worse or better - yes i have 48 hrs b4 i have to run 3 MILES.... I have a feeling it won't be long enough... I will probably ICE the bloody thing - i have been kneading it but i think it's not working.... or helping at all...

I have a big way of worrying too much about little things when i'm running and maybe it's time to see if this is a 'real' injury ie if it sticks around and doesn't get better then it may be that i need some time off but ie if it doesn't then i must have just had a twinge...

Feeling extreemly incapacitated that i can't run 2 miles without pain... :-(

Saturday, 9 January 2010

I'm not bored of running

I can spend my life thinking and planning and practicing and recovering and preparing and purchasing and waiting for the mail to arrive on this sport... I have just bought some vibrams 5 fingers, and 3 pairs of socks to go with them - everything about this sport makes me happy - the planning races, schedules, holidays or short trips for races, deciding where to do a run, ordering my first race photo, the waves or smiles or comments of other runners, and the actual running itself is great too and the feeling before and after...

I have spent the morning cooking vennison stew and while that was on i planned my WEEKLY mileage for the year - around my wedding, holidays, honeymoon and taper and recovery for my races - the projected mileage i have put down works out as 1187 miles so for the 1000+ miles in 2010 I will have a little leeway which is prob very important...

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

1000miles in 2010

Hi, I just signed up for 1000 miles in 2010 challenge on tallmomontherun's blog...
I think having the goals of completing 3 half marathons and more than doubling my mileage goes with this ...

but it's so exciting to hear 1000 miles now instead of after i work it out in November or December...

Only 10 down, but that was a race!!

sooo, recovery runs start tomorrow - 2 miles tomorrow, 2 miles the day after, and 5 at the weekend... I really hope that i can run at all this week - there is a problem with snow and slippery roads and even getting to the gym might leave me stranded in the car - so, might have to wait even longer!!

Monday, 4 January 2010

Copy - Paste

http://www.prosportphotos.com/cgi-bin/show-image-page.cgi?image=MK3_3315.jpg&image_dir=../running/2010/tadworth-10/start/images&show_arrows=1&event_dir=../running/2010/tadworth-10/start&template=../auto-html/cgi-template-plain.htm&page_title=ProSportPhotos - Tadworth 10&order_buttons=../auto-html/gr-mk-magazine-09.htm&magazine_event_name=tadworth-10-10&event_title=Tadworth 10 - Sunday 3rd January 2010&first_image=1&last_image=41&chapter_title=(Start)&popup_window=1

Hi it doesn't work as a link but that is me in there with the grey hat with a stripe - my first race photo which i have bothered to look at - i bought it - i like it...

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Tadworth Ten

I am at home and calmed down from the 5.5 hr drive back in the car...

The morning started before dawn at 7 and I had porrige oats with seeds with a great carbs - protien mix, which i have just discovered in the supermarket, a few coffee's and a Viper Extreme Cereal Bar - which is my race day treat/superstition.

The drive was an hour and a half, and when we got there it was a big decision which car park to stay in - ended up driving between the toilets and the start line - where there was only 600 m in between, but we were early and it was -3 or 0 C.

I warmed up, and pretty soon it was time to get to the start line - spoke to someone at the start who said where the hills were and that it had been -7 the year before...!!!

The race started with a hilly downhill over grass, and I had my garmin set for k so for the first 6.5 k i thought - 'they have got these mile markers wrong' ' this must be a 12 or 13 mile race....

it was set for k because of the 400m sprints i have been trying in the taper... and i forgot completely...

I talked with a woman who was running her first run over 8 miles - don't know where she finished... and a woman who was 10 or 15 years older and about 45lbs heavier at least - she finished about 2 mins before me according to my mum.

After the steep grassy downhill there was an on road (deserted lanes) unbelievably long up hill steep and at least a mile and a half, then some curving round and then past some shops then a pond - these were some of the steep corners which were well marshalled and the marshalls did tell us where to look out for traffic and where to avoid Ice which was great marshalling.

Then a long but almost un noticable in all the up hills downward street past some massive houses, through a tiny bit of wood, then back around part of the race course, (to the side)....

then REPEAT: 2 lap course, I don't know when the first people lapped me and as I started near the back i must have been lapped by about 500 ppl. But that was all in the first half of the race it seemed and the last 2 ppl I passed might have been 2nd and 1st last... I don't know yet full results available tomorrow.... had it been completely flat i have no doubt i could have finished in 2 hrs or 2.02 but it was a tough ten miles and therefore my time was i think:

2:07:57 or 58, the first i hope.

It took me about an hour and a half before i was warm again although i hadn't been cold during the race - the marshall seemed to be running disguised as a normal runner with a race number, along side the stragglers, and stopping and waiting for most ppl to catch up... I will be slightly disappointed if i am 3rd last because I did pass some people at times - i just don't know - it's killing me - i know it doesn't matter at all

It was only my 3rd 10 mile run, and the first time i have even done a metre more than that if you count the warm up LOL

My first half marathon is coming up on the first day of Spring!!!