Tuesday, 22 December 2009

10 miles on Treadmill

10 miles is actually a new distance for me - this is the second time i've run it... I was a bit worried about Ice in the morning and although it seemed to be getting above 0C in the middle of the day - I thought oh well make the most of my gym membership ... give knees a treat...

I really enjoyed it - i loved seeing the other runners come and go, I loved typing in 60 mins and then near the end of it typing in another 60... I loved all the calculations i had to make to work out my time (2:19:44) and my kcal (860)
I loved changing over my energy drink bottles (3 of them) - i am so used to eating chewy sweets and coffee beans -

Maybe i need to try out gels for races - I think that is a great idea for my next race on 3rd Jan which is also 10 miles

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robison52 said...

Congrats on running a enjoyable 10 miler, which is good training strategy for your upcoming 10 mile race!!

What energy/performance drink will they have at your race? Might be a good idea to experiment with the race's beverage. Some races also have gels at water stops, but usually only during longer distances like a half marathon or marathon. January 3rd is just around the corner!!!