Friday, 15 May 2009

No Garmin on Today's run

today I walked for a bit longer at the start, (of an out and back run) (and a bit shorter at the end) of my run, I started my mum off on a walk because the weather wasn't great and she wants a push in the right direction at the moment - she says!
So I ran further in the time than when i am counting seconds on my Garmin, where i feel a bit like 3000. 2959. 2958. 2957. etc... or something like that .... so it was quite a free feeling to run with a normal wrist watch - not even a sports watch!!

My garmin is missing unfortunately - just after i replaced the heart rate belt, which cost a bit Owch!

This Sunday is my first 4 miler in a long time, since i have been doing physio and pilates to improve my form, muscles and hopefully my knees which i have struggled with a bit on 10k distances.

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robison52 said...

You're not getting out of it that easy...I hereby tag you for "EIGHT THINGS!" I'm sure your eight things will be very enlightening about you.