Sunday, 28 December 2008



today i ran 12.5 of a 29.5 minute run and it felt really really great,,, I can't wait to run more and longer and maybe more often and further and well faster can happen on it's own... but wow, what a great feeling!

I ran with just a garmin, no ipod, i think i love running to music and i love the silence and the sounds of nature and people, I don't know which i prefer, but both make such a great change...

I also know why i used to hate running, because i was running without being ready for it, and today I earned my 12.5 mins running, LOL 12.5 minutes, it's taken 12 weeks to get this far!!!

Love szgr

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Coopers Test update

Hi folks,

It was pointed out to me that i wasn't clear at all on my last post, i was working it out with pen and calculator as i was writing...

So, my last blog entry made it look like i'd not only counted 12 mins out of my 16 min run yesterday... I averaged a consecutive 12 mins...

So, had another great 45 min weights workout today... cloudy tomorrow here, maybe a sunny afternoon... going out with my sister again!!!!!

Love szgr

Friday, 26 December 2008

Coopers Test


I tried the Coopers Test on the spur of the moment this time and so just ran as much as i could for 16 mins, lol, just to be on the safe side ( i wasn't concentrating enough to count my laps)...

11.19 minute miles after a 4 min slower warm up... so that makes my score, um, 1 mile = 1609.344 meters der der der der der... 1725.84???!!

OH MY GOD average!!

Just looked it up..... big big wow!

was really expecting Very Poor

PS. Christmas was Wonderful, went running with my sis twice, and she says she will join me on a 5k, she is a gym maniac... so a bit of outdoor running and some extra treadmill should be enough to prepare i hope, for her...

Love szgr

Saturday, 20 December 2008

I just had a recovery week, i think it was difficult to keep myself down to a level of 70%... I still had some energy left and didn't feel like i was due for a rest.
Now getting back to it for the last 2 days, I did 27 mins yesterday (8 of them running) and I am starting to feel impatient, or like it is not such a new thing any more... I'm getting used to exercise now and in a way it's more boring.... except for the running bits, which i still like !!!
I like the cold weather and not having to take off my waterproof jacket because of the heat... I like that i can cover up and not feel exposed in a tshirt...
Also I wear skins under and it's a great feeling to wear them, but how can i go out looking like that in the summer? lol I will need a big oversized mens tshirt to throw over or smth... or swealter in a hoodie... I am so glad right now that i live in a climate which is hardly ever too hot or too cold...
Today it looked a bit miserable out there so i did weights cross training with my XcO trainers which i love,,, i have got up to 3x reps of 15 today on the 15 different exercises, completely unimaginable a few weeks ago, it is so good seeing progress!!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Coopers Test

I just bonked on my first attempt at the Coopers test. I warmed up for 5 mins walking, then ran for 8.57 mins, and covered .83 of a mile... which makes my average 10.46 minute mile pace and my best 7.44...
my hr was average 173 and max 181, sooo, i would love to call this a max hr test instead of a Cooper's test, lol!

I couldn't complete it cos i just couldn't believe i'd been going for less than 12 minutes! If i had trusted i'd got my garmin programmed right i may have walked the last 3 mins and then it would be a true coopers test.!!!

I was not expecting much tbh, because i know that my pace on a good day last year was just under 13 and i only started back 11 weeks ago...

I was coughing and wheezing at the end which is a bit depressing and it' s hard not to be disappointed

Right at the start of the test 2 guys went past doing 7 or 8 min miles and I just forgot my sense and started on a bit of a sprint... so instead of finding out how far 12 minutes takes me i think i got my maximum heart rate.

I have been selling loads of stuff on ebay and amazon that has been lying around for too long... stuff that I did not think would go, but it has!!! not all of it but a lot of stuff... feels like making money, but really i'm getting a little back from things i shouldn't have bought in the first place!

So i think 9.36 min miles for 12 mins is out of reach at the moment, but at least it was a cool time to try out the virtual partner on my garmin....!!! I was ahead by about 100 ft at one point!

Love szgr

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Moving House!

Hi guys, I have taken 2 days off exercise and felt a bit rubbish about it but i think 2 days off in a row is good occasionally...

My fiance Adrian is putting his house on the market in Feb next year after his 2 holidays, (one with me one with work)... (both to Switzerland)...

He will then move into my place, and i'll be moving back there from mum's and put that house on the market and see what happens... maybe find somewhere quickly or not so quickly, he's got a hell of a commute to work from mine, at the mo we live 30 miles apart and it's further than that to his work from here...

We will be moving to a place about 25 miles away, so i'll be 20 or 25 miles from mum and 175 miles away from my sister and will be in need of making nearby friends!!

I hope that it all goes ok, my mum just said to me 'it's up to you to make yourself as independant as you can' and it really hit me... so, i'll need to start trying to do that...

I went for a recovery run this morning between heavy rain, got wet feet, and experimented with taking slightly shorter running breaks so that i could keep it from feeling like no work out at all!!!

105 kcal in 22 mins

Kcal is a good measure for me I think because that is overall output / performance in one number that makes sense to me... Pace still eludes me as i am not interested in going faster at this stage....

Thanks for all your support in following this blog... I would have no one to relate to about running without internet... one day i will join a sat or sun running club, but i want to be able to run for 30 mins first

Love szgr

Thursday, 11 December 2008

running in town shoes

2 days ago I didn't charge my garmin, (faulty plug) so i went to the bank, then charged my essential peice of kit over lunch, (it just gave me enough juice for one run and reminded me i was running out of time from early in the run)... so then i forgot to bring my running shoes with me and ended up running in my MBT's, which i have heard is good or not so good, or whatever but I thought it was ok for just one run.

So then my heart rate was lower throughout most of the run, and I thought 'oh maybe because i'm more used to the shoe and have got more use out of them over the year, so it's less effort to run in these things so my pulse is lower' LOL!!
- I got home and the battery was falling out of the chest strap almost, so now it is fixed tightly on and i will not use that plug again for anything .

I had a great really positive weight training session yesterday, REALLY could see an improvement, not huffing and puffing quite so much and since i never read the instruction booklet in any great detail, i have since figured out i can use Garmin for kcal even inside with a heart rate strap, (I think) - someone tell me if this can't be done please! it seemed to be working... otherwise i will just go for it next week on the 'other' setting...

It is still a complicated and confusing time learning to use all this stuff that you can buy if you read Runners World!!!!!

Love szgr

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Computer phobia

I have had a sort of computer phobia since my first post... I think publishing a blog was a big deal to me and it was hard to get back in the seat infront of the computer...

I've been to see Adrian my Fiance and then 2 days ago i ran: avg 137 bpm max 164, pace 16.29 for 27 mins
yesterday i cycled avg 139bpm, max 164 for 25 mins... felt like it was downhill all the way but was a bit tired till...
today did avg 138 bpm, max 164 pace 16.55 for 29 mins

my meds have really affected me this week, injection week (every 3rd week) is very sedating and i have been sleeping a lot!!

Cleared a room and moved a wardrobe today with mum, and going to do some baking this evening.

I think this is enough for the moment... not too much not too little, i am taking a recovery week next week and will keep at this level after that for quite a while... still walk run walking

OH!! and today to drown out Britney in my headphones there was a fair and lots of children and a steam train to keep me company, was amazing!!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Hello Folks!

I asked for advice this morning, then went out to do what felt right at the time...
I started running again at the beginning of Oct. and i am being as careful as possible, but my nature is reckless! My run has been 4 min walk, 1 min run, 3 min walk, 2 min run, 3 min walk, 2 min run, 3 min walk, 1 min run, 3 min walk = 22 mins for the last 5 weeks not including a recovery week. So, today I added a 2 min run and 3 min walk. I walked quite fast and ran as slow as I could, MOST of the time this was ok, but my Garmin allerted me that my hr was too high more than once. My goal hr range is 119 - 139 and my Avg today was 133, highest 157.
My hr returned to normal after 10 mins, so I hope that i will not be exhausted, I have a rest day planned tomorrow ...
I will get advice, and I will see how i go, i know there is no point in striding ahead before being ready for it...

Today i have also washed my mum's car (in the car wash) and set up this blog, which took So much nerve!

Love szgr