Friday, 9 January 2009

Recovery week

Hi Folks,

I'm really really glad that someone invented recovery weeks, I could not go on without a rest today, i really couldn't.
Green light from my coach for a hilly 10k in August! So now i will need trail running shoes in the Summer!
I am going on holiday to Zermatt Switzerland next week, so lots of walks in the snow and Tobogganing, no skiing this year, but hopefully next year!! Going for 6 days, including 2 nights in Lausanne.
I think i have done well the last couple of weeks, with lots of running and some weights. My run - walk - runs are now half an hour. I am also walking slowly for a while longer to cool down, which adds to the workout and kcal burned with not that much more effort. I think i have to make up for spending so much time on the computer somehow!
Love szgr


Tanya said...

You're going to Lausanne? You lucky girl! Enjoy your holiday!

robison52 said...

I need to find trail running shoes soon. I've owned many running shoes in the past, but never purchased trail shoes, I have no idea what to purchase as so many different types of trail shoes out there. Any ideas on trail running shoes?

Nikemom said...

Have fun in Switzerland you lucky hot mama! Enjoy. :D

Sarah said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip!