Thursday, 29 January 2009

6.47 miles (including .49 walk)

Someone from the forum said - run as far as you can at a slow pace -

I had a great run! I could have done more i think, but i thought i should stay on the sensible side, seeing as i'm training for a 5k and don't want to injure myself... lol ... i couldn't have done a lot more
I walked for 4 minutes as a warm up and then that included did 6 miles in 01.49 hours.!!! very very slow, but i will let the speed come on it's own,

my whole philosophy around running has been not to push myself too hard and I have been good at it for a while now. I think i am still recovering from cold or flu on holiday!!! It was a terrible cold or flu but i still had a great time in Switzerland... my poor fiance had one day off anyway, and then needed another 3 days off work!!!

1.49 hrs is the longest i have ever ran continuously, it was roughly 4.4th of a marathon in distance... I have to admit, after 5 miles, i was thinking,,, 'another 20?? you have got to be kidding?! No?'

No i am not kidding! I want to run marathon!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

running more than i'm walking!

I have had a fab time away but had flu and gave it to my fiance!!!!!
Awful, he took 3 days off, and I spent time in bed in Zermatt :(
But it was an amazing trip away and i have come back rested and fitter than lately...

I was experimenting with running for time not distance and also walking some short distances on the same day as a run...... this has paid off now that i have 'increased' to running for distance... I did 1.5 miles in intervals with 1 mile walking in intervals, (in total 2.5 miles)...

This for me is progress and i will keep it up ! I have entered 2 races, one in Richmond in March and one in Penryn in April, (both 5k's).... I don't want to make the same mistake of running one race and having nothing to look forward to except for recovering and some long - distant - not - entered - yet - race.

Had an amazing long walk in the snow and about 6 tobogganing runs while i was away.... plus lots of spa's in the hotel in the afternoon. Was a great trip away and getting ill didn't ruin it even slightly.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Recovery week

Hi Folks,

I'm really really glad that someone invented recovery weeks, I could not go on without a rest today, i really couldn't.
Green light from my coach for a hilly 10k in August! So now i will need trail running shoes in the Summer!
I am going on holiday to Zermatt Switzerland next week, so lots of walks in the snow and Tobogganing, no skiing this year, but hopefully next year!! Going for 6 days, including 2 nights in Lausanne.
I think i have done well the last couple of weeks, with lots of running and some weights. My run - walk - runs are now half an hour. I am also walking slowly for a while longer to cool down, which adds to the workout and kcal burned with not that much more effort. I think i have to make up for spending so much time on the computer somehow!
Love szgr

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

long run

I have just seen that the 10k jurassic coast race is back on for August this year!!! It is Very Hilly and i Really want to do it again but in better shape and beat my time! Even if I come in at last place again.
So.... I will have to do less overdoing it like last week and more steady progress, now doing speed training on Mondays and long slow distance Saturdays, weights will usually be on Tuesdays, and then fit in a cycle ride and for the moment 2 more runs...
I have a goal now to fit in Cycling and Cross Training with my weights on the same day, but I think that i will have to be a bit fitter for that, to make it every week... that might be a long way off.
for the jurassic coast race, i will have had 11 months of training nearly instead of almost 4 months from scratch... I will get back to this spot if I am told I can't do that by then by my coach !!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

On New Years Eve my sister's cat went missing from my mum's where he has been visiting and on New Years Day he came back... he was gone for 2 nights and one day... we have been frantic and although he is not a house cat and is fine in London, this area is not where he lives! So have been really relieved all day...

My run today was fantastic, I remenisce about starting a fitness fad that lasted about 2 days on one New Years Day, i was going to run on the hilly coastal paths again and took off on my own. I fell over about 3 x in the mud and then gave up on the path and ran round the beach in circles a few times feeling like a complete idiot.

Today I ran 13 and a half minutes out of 30 and it was wonderful to forget about the cat for a while and Just to run... I normally say hi to everyone i go past, but today i just looked at them and walked or jogged past, which is strange... I think New Years Day is a very special day and I think I didn't want to intrude?

I had a long talk with my fiance yesterday and we are still talking about how to move towards moving in together... where to live etc. which is a lovely thing to look forward to this year and in the future after that.

I hope everyone is feeling positive....

Love szgr