Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hi all


I have been running, i only needed to take about 10 days or so off, and then started back again but much more slowly again, I have started to increase again, but very gradually... I am doing a 4 min walk warm up and cool down, and 25 mins running, with a short break and even with the break i am back down to under 13 min miles, which is what i was doing a couple of years ago and wouldn't have even been able to dream about it lately till now...

I think it is great that all the basic slow work has made me fit enough to go faster, i don't know if it is my heart or muscles or both, but somehow i have shaved 2 - 3 min miles off overnight, i hope this is not premature or hasty or an injury watch point but it feels really good, i feel like i'm actually running and not plodding, which is what i thought i would be doing for life!

Thanks runningbob, yes, i'm doing fine, been a bit disenchanted with blogging because of the injury i think . I didn't want to come on here and put anything negative, like - i'm not running at the moment - or anything like that... I have physio exercises given to me with more physio planned for next month at the hospital with running and walking and stairs analysis... so it's all very positive so far... had a mixture of things told is wrong with my knee, first lady said 'lax' knee (i think) and second lady said 'knee cap problems' and slightly knock kneed. Will see.


robison52 said...

Great to hear you're back running!! You're smart to come back gradually, you've more experience than before and you'll be back faster and stronger sooner. Hang tough.

Tanya said...

great job on your time! Just take it slow and easy, you'll meet your goals.