Friday, 30 October 2009

losing weight!! yay!


I lost 16 lbs between Sept and March last and this year and then came to a complete standstill... It didn't matter what i did i tried and tried and not hard enough obviously!!

I have just started about 9 days ago, an equivelant to slimfast diet which kind of makes me cringe to think about it because i feel like it has a reputation as a 'real diet'... with a lot of marketing, and it's not cheap either, i'm using shakes from a sports nutrition company specifically for weight loss and am eating 2 shakes, 1 sports recovery protien bar, an apple (or equivelant) and one meal a day of about 5 - 700 kcal... so this is a kcal restricted diet... 228 + 228 + 280 +70 + 500 - 700 oh plus 150 kcal in milk for tea and coffee!! so 1650 avg

But i am eating about 400kcal extra for a long run of 5 - 8 miles or roughly that (increasing) ... That kind of workout needs feeding!!

AND it's working!!!!!!!!!!!! So now i have got past the stage of giving up out of boredom which usually happens to me after about 3 days on a meal replacement diet... and will I hope lose another 17 - 22 lbs for my wedding and etc. depending on when people start commenting that i am looking ill (which happens at a very high weight for me really) I want to be in the 131 - 136 range I'm 5' 4"

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WendyBird said...

Good job! Just be careful when you come off the shakes, it is hard to not go back to old eating habits and put the weight back on.