Saturday, 17 October 2009

Difficult slow hilly 7 miler

today I got dropped off at Brixham and ran to near to a cove... via a steep clif path down to a beach and back, and was completely tired after 0.6 of a mile...

1.3 miles later and i was near this cove where i have been running before (already) so i hung a left and found this lovely undulating golf course, with lovely grass - although i stuck to just off the fairway a lot of the time... there were lots of friendly people asking me if i was lost and i was saying - no i know what's in that direction and in that direction - (pointing) - So

other people were waving at me to get out of the way at one point and i just ignored them and kind of thought well sorrrrrry!!! and just kept running...

then i found the coastal path again and went round the car park at Broad sands a couple of times and then all the way up the hill to the nearest shops to get some more water to put in my new camelbak, all the time stopping either for a pee or a water bottle or a phone call to Adrian my fiance... who was picking me up and dropping me off

... so my official time for the whole thing was just over 2 hours, but i stopped my garmin when i stopped so the distance took me 1.50.33 - NOT hugely fast but it was HILLY in places 15.47 min miles if you don't count the stopping which is probably a hell of a lot better than i could have done a few months ago - i'm sure a while ago i couldn't have done the same in less than 18 or 19 min miles so YAY me!!

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