Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I have just got back from an amazing holiday in Switzerland, the weather wasn't so great but we had a couple of mostly sunny days where we could go up mountains... once into the snow, and once above the clouds... it was beautiful...
I ran 15 miles while away and we walked about 20+ miles on top of this in the week which is at least twice the walking i usually do... so now i have come back with some sort of painful ankles and knees and i'm totally exhausted, I got back on Sunday, my last run was 3 miles on saturday and then an exhausted 2 miles yesterday...
I am slightly injured, but can't seem to stay off my feet, the pain is so intermittent and isn't getting any worse...
I have just been out for my first session of 'floating' or light running: That:


is what i am thinking about taking up...

and Here it is with the weights I use:


as i run slow anyway, i was thinking maybe this would help with my poor knees and ankles ...
I have been walking in MBTs for the last 2 years and can't wear any other shoe now... so I thought yesterday - so why am i running in regular shoes??

I have been naturally - lately - leaning towards running in the above manner anyway sometimes anyway - running very upright and not very fast - usually when tired
but i have emailed MBT for advice on how it is possible to begin floating when you have been walking in them for a while and how much mileage i should cover at a time to start with: today I did half a mile with the weights...?? could I have done more without them??

I also will definitely vary my shoes to start with and this is something bruce said recently with his quote : always run on the same terrain in the same shoes and you are asking for injury

So maybe i will always vary my shoes, but I am thinking of including most of my running in MBTs when i have worked up to it a bit at a time, I am thinking of taking another pair of shoes with me and changing after half a mile, 3/4 of a mile, 1 mile, 1.5 miles etc a couple of times a week and remembering the 10% rule with it maybe...........??? starting with 2x a week half a mile???

I have gained nearly half a stone or about 6 lbs on holiday ...
I tested the theory that you can't eat more if you exercise more - and it's true -
I usually am so careful on holidays but my diet was going to pot anyway recently so now i have the struggle of attempting to go back on it and it's not going well
I have still lost a stone or 14 lbs since my starting weight, so this is some progress, but now some of my clothes dont' fit again and it's not great looking at myself again...

I have not eaten too much today yet so that can be a starting point...

While i was away i did a run with a backpack on and a run at altitude - both were real challenges.... but the scenery was unbelievable - running around lakes and in the mist and rain and clear weather it was great...!!!

Thursday, 18 June 2009



this is the site I got my marathon training schedule from, at the moment i am at the end of week 1 in the mileage buildup stage which is 4 days a week and 14 miles... Today it took me 56:02 to cover 4 miles...

The great thing is not being too tired after - and still being full of energy, this does not include my warm up cool down or stretching which i don't measure or include as part of the run!!!!

I am not looking too far ahead any more, I am just focusing on the next training run - a 3 mile run on Saturday... hopefully when I get to Switzerland for a holiday I will be able to run on the Sunday - the first day of the second week schedule.....

Prior to this I was doing 11 or 12 miles a week on a regular basis for at least the last 4 months...

I took a friend and my mum with me so that she could walk her dog somewhere interesting today - I ran and they walked - it was really sweet and funny that the dog couldn't figure out why I was leaving and I had to run back and make sure the dog followed me back to his owner. lol so it was quite a zig zagging run... but in the end the dog got the idea and stayed with her.

Sunday, 14 June 2009


I experimented running without sports beans today, and i've actually found a better jelly - i am talking about a single jelly that will last in your mouth for quarter of a mile and will keep you going for a whole mile - wow!!

I have a bit of a sore ankle and really hope that i can get it better by tuesday's run and will run in different shoes on a different surface...

The jellies are from i think they are called 'the natural jelly company' and they really are good - they also do jelly dinasaours and those are great too... I put them in my bra on my first 10 k in a tissue and they got all sweaty - so now i have these ones in a large tic tac box... almost perfect except every time it breaks i will have to eat a lot of tic tacs - so much sugar!!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Hard 3 miler

I don't know 3 miles was so difficult today - I have had a lot of rest in the last 2 days and this should really have been easy - I took a walk break which was great, and felt a lot better after a pee stop too :)

I think i was going too fast for me - I felt competitive with the dog walkers and found the whole thing very challenging - i did 3 miles in about 38 mins, which is pretty fast for me i think, and will go intentionally Very slowly for my 5 miler tomorrow...

I have been trying to wangle my last week as being my first week of Mileage Buildup phase of marathon training and i can only do it Mon - Mon rather than Sun - Sun like my plan says - so it's very confusing for me, Mon - Mon i will have done 14 miles but not Sun - Sun - only 9 lol so I am making this my Mon - Mon first week - and will end up just RUNNING and see what happens... which i am going to do for the whole next few months... i HOPE!!

I want to take it as easy as possible - today wasn't easy - but I need an easy attitude - I don't think I've got one - but I need one

Friday, 12 June 2009

Mileage Buildup

Hi, I have been doing some short and easy runs this week after my 5k, saving a long run of 6 miles for tomorrow or the next day and will hopefully meet my goal of 14 miles this week... with a 6 mile and a 3 mile at the weekend -
I think i have recovered from my 5k last Sat now.
I have had some ankle pain but not a lot, and it's mostly been when i'm not actually running - and then only little twinges... I saw physio and she has given me extra build up for my shoes at the heel to see if that helps and i think it has helped a lot!!!
My marathon build up schedule is about 14 to about 25 miles per week then goes on to official marathon training...
I am only going to make an attempt - and if i get knocked back i think i will take it well - and just go for halfs until the year after next.
The thing about my mileage buildup and marathon training schedule is that it leaves No room for injuries or set backs or holidays and if I am going to take it seriously at some point for next year everything will have to go right... so if it doesn't I hope i won't feel like i have lost much.

Monday, 8 June 2009

my dyslexic sister got my race time wrong!

my sis read the screen at the end of the race and said i'd done it in 36:05, well she was out by about half a minute, lol - my time was 35:24!!! yay!!!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

5k official time

I have just run a 5k race, in 36:05, with a race chip, so it is an official time.  It is a shame that the 5k i ran before with a time of 31:29  wasn't a registered course.  I came away from that not knowing if my Garmin was wrong - saying i'd only run 2.7 miles or something along those lines...
so it was a bit annoying but It's a bit more realistic at least.
I ran with my sister, she did it in 26:56 which is a great time.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Entering the Virgin London Marathon

In running I have found a reason to be. A reason to get up in the morning and a reson to be hppy - to be a runner... I have searched for this in many places, I did a first year of study for many things, to become something...
Yoga Teacher, Shiatsu Practitioner, Counsellor, T.A. Psychotherapist, Acupuncturist, Artist, nd I attempted to make a Career in Yout Work prior to this all mainly aimed at BEING somethign and to achieve the impossible thing "Overcoming Paranoid Schizophrenia"
I have tried to give up my meds and have found myself becoing as ill as my sister, before she died. She was hit by a car, on leave from hospital and absconding, hitchhiking to London. Since then stress or a combination of factors made me ill and I ws hospitalised for the 7th time, thhis time for 9 months... I was bulimic during this time as on and off thorughout my life, so it ws the battle for the doctors to find an injectable form of antipsychoticc that I would not efuse...
The charity I am running for, Mind, started the process of my being able to live as a member of society where I could live with resonable income - through their suppor in helping me to fill out Disability Living Allowance forms. It is a terrible thing that the government makes it so difficult to achieve DLA. It is also a terrible shame that Mind can't provide this service any more.
This has been all important in my becoming secure bout myself as a voluntary worker in society.
I would also like to run this race in memory of my sister.