Thursday, 14 January 2010

Going Veggie


although i would love to go Vegan again, i have at least taken steps towards and have gone Veggie as of Today!!!!!!!!!!!

I was Veggie for about 11.5 yrs and vegan for about .5 yr.

It has been a long time and i am relearning things I used to know on the internet etc as of today...

while i was eating meat and fish I KNOW i was getting a pretty healthy diet... now i have to worry about g of protien and g of carbs and fats in a different way again

Is Whey protien - ??? that is from milk right?? i think it is ,,,, pretty sure that is difficult to beat as a sports supplement...

I will have to look into vegan option for sports drinks, but i think i like this one gel i just found enough not to care too much what it' s got in it it's chocolate flavoured!!

I have found a great forum that is good for sports and veggie/vegan - but many of them seem to know a lot less about running than , although i have seen one who is going for an ironman and is vegan!!!!

I am quite worried that i will be discriminated against for being only about 75% vegan - as I will be eating eggs sometimes and milk for the moment, there was a thread where they really laid into Alanis Morrissette for being 90% vegan... as in 90% against domestic violence or etc.

I think not eating meat is a step in the right direction for me, but i am not really willing to go through some of the trials of a 100% vegan - even with the B12 thing - there are real issues for the muscles and not getting enough even if you supplement, some ppl get mouth ulcers from the supplement or are low even tho they supplement or end up needing B12 injections.

I feel like i have entered a minefield!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Holistic Health Coach & Tri Mom said...

Vega has some great vegan sport drinks. They are based in Canada, but sell all over the world.

Im not affliated with them but I like their products...hope that helps!