Saturday, 27 March 2010

My first half Marathon!!


It was a great day - i raced against the final 1000 people i think - i didn't even get to see the elites because i took the long way round to the start 'avoiding crouds'

My time was 2:47:03 and i have decided to lose 30 lbs for my full Marathon next year because of this site:

and this site:

between them i have worked out i can shave about 45 mins off full marathon just
by losing weight
as well as being properly trained for the full thing i would like to give myself the best chance possible of coming in in under 5 hrs.

my calves have not swollen up at all this time and i am now going to losely follow hal higdon's intermediate half marathon plan for Tromso

I am not going to do the Tavy 13 in a month because i would not be properly trained for it what with recovery and taper!!!!


Sarah said...

Way to go on your first half! What an accomplishment!!!!

robison52 said...

You did great for your first half marathon and you learned so much and you will undoubtedly do even better next time.

Tanya said...

Congratulations-the first half marathon is always a big accomplishment!