Monday, 8 February 2010

funny 10 miles

this was an odd 10 miles i went downhill on some pretty stoney trail for 5 miles - worried about my ankles then leveled out to a nice round circuit for the next 5...

I don't think i came in in less than 2.30 but it was close - i was worried about my knee for the second half - odly - haven't had much knee pain lately

But now home and icing my calves to see if i can combat calf swelling that has been alarming really after long runs...

And feeling great again!!

Have just worked out my total mileage from March 7th last year ( when real records started ) until March 7th this year (projected) and it's not even over 500 miles :-/ it's 469.7

I find that not very impressive but am aiming very high this year with the 1000+++ goal with Tallmomontherun and many others...

sooo i guess not far off 500 miles if i'd had it as a goal i could have done it i think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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