Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Very difficult ended up walking a lot


I just got back from an 11 mile run... I walked the last of three circuits - must have been about a third of the time

I went slower than usual and ended up with some pain on the inside of my knee inside leg - i think this is a tendon

this eased up when i walked and so i ended up taking a lot of walking breaks...

I had a not very impressive 15.73 min mile avg and really after doing a slightly longer distance in a lot less time on the treadmill last week makes me think that i have been doing something wrong this week - although last week's tread run was partly so fast because of the virtual chocolate chip cookie dash 10k (as part of the distance)

I think with some stopping on the treadmill last week i did 11.25 in 2:32 this week was 11 in 2:53

I had some trouble actually getting around to doing a long run for the first time this week - my excuse being that next week is a recovery week so i have a bit of leeway

but i feel like this is a worrying trend of putting off a long run - unless i have programed in every 8th day instead of every 7th - i should be sticking to the same day of the week...

I guess the chocolate chip cookie dash was a bit of a real race even tho it was virtual and i have been recovering a bit - this is a real downside - feeling like i'm not getting anywhere after a fast run when actually i'm recovering

I can't believe i will ever run more than 11 miles... but 11 would have sounded stupid a year ago so i am ready to improve and continue to build stamina

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