Wednesday, 17 February 2010

If you fly like a Partridge


my mum just gave me this very inspirational quote which i love..

If you fly like a Partridge, you're gonna get shot...

If you fly like an Eagle, no one can catch you...

I just love it ... I just went for a 2.85 mile run and I thought about this quote... it was great although i felt like a very slow, hovering Eagle or tried to be positive, but kept on feeling like a Partridge... lol

SO I made myself into an Eagle, and it was a lovely experience, an Eagle with faults or??? idk, a slow Eagle, an Eagle who hovers, and only fartlek's over to get some prey occasionally??

I have my first 11.25 mile run Tomorrow - it will be my first run longer than 10 miles.... my first time with a long run that heads into being more than half way into a 20 mile Marathon Training Run....
((long way from Marathon Training - have 3 halfs this year tho))

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