Thursday, 11 December 2008

running in town shoes

2 days ago I didn't charge my garmin, (faulty plug) so i went to the bank, then charged my essential peice of kit over lunch, (it just gave me enough juice for one run and reminded me i was running out of time from early in the run)... so then i forgot to bring my running shoes with me and ended up running in my MBT's, which i have heard is good or not so good, or whatever but I thought it was ok for just one run.

So then my heart rate was lower throughout most of the run, and I thought 'oh maybe because i'm more used to the shoe and have got more use out of them over the year, so it's less effort to run in these things so my pulse is lower' LOL!!
- I got home and the battery was falling out of the chest strap almost, so now it is fixed tightly on and i will not use that plug again for anything .

I had a great really positive weight training session yesterday, REALLY could see an improvement, not huffing and puffing quite so much and since i never read the instruction booklet in any great detail, i have since figured out i can use Garmin for kcal even inside with a heart rate strap, (I think) - someone tell me if this can't be done please! it seemed to be working... otherwise i will just go for it next week on the 'other' setting...

It is still a complicated and confusing time learning to use all this stuff that you can buy if you read Runners World!!!!!

Love szgr


Sarah said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I am glad you liked the cookies!

Mellow Yellow said...

Hi Green Tigress!

Internet is working again this morning so am trying my first blog response again. Hope it works! I think you probably know by now who I am! XXX

Tanya said...

You're doing really well! Glad to hear that your workout was so positive. Keep up the good work!