Sunday, 7 December 2008

Computer phobia

I have had a sort of computer phobia since my first post... I think publishing a blog was a big deal to me and it was hard to get back in the seat infront of the computer...

I've been to see Adrian my Fiance and then 2 days ago i ran: avg 137 bpm max 164, pace 16.29 for 27 mins
yesterday i cycled avg 139bpm, max 164 for 25 mins... felt like it was downhill all the way but was a bit tired till...
today did avg 138 bpm, max 164 pace 16.55 for 29 mins

my meds have really affected me this week, injection week (every 3rd week) is very sedating and i have been sleeping a lot!!

Cleared a room and moved a wardrobe today with mum, and going to do some baking this evening.

I think this is enough for the moment... not too much not too little, i am taking a recovery week next week and will keep at this level after that for quite a while... still walk run walking

OH!! and today to drown out Britney in my headphones there was a fair and lots of children and a steam train to keep me company, was amazing!!!


robison52 said...

Try not to think of the computer as such a big deal and publishing a blog is similar to writing in a hard-copy running journal as you state what, where, when, and how you did during your day. Your fellow bloggers are friends who want to see you improve and also to motivate their own fitness journey. Keep up the great work!!

Tanya said...

You're doing really well-glad to hear you got some running in. Enjoy your rest week!