Sunday, 14 December 2008

Coopers Test

I just bonked on my first attempt at the Coopers test. I warmed up for 5 mins walking, then ran for 8.57 mins, and covered .83 of a mile... which makes my average 10.46 minute mile pace and my best 7.44...
my hr was average 173 and max 181, sooo, i would love to call this a max hr test instead of a Cooper's test, lol!

I couldn't complete it cos i just couldn't believe i'd been going for less than 12 minutes! If i had trusted i'd got my garmin programmed right i may have walked the last 3 mins and then it would be a true coopers test.!!!

I was not expecting much tbh, because i know that my pace on a good day last year was just under 13 and i only started back 11 weeks ago...

I was coughing and wheezing at the end which is a bit depressing and it' s hard not to be disappointed

Right at the start of the test 2 guys went past doing 7 or 8 min miles and I just forgot my sense and started on a bit of a sprint... so instead of finding out how far 12 minutes takes me i think i got my maximum heart rate.

I have been selling loads of stuff on ebay and amazon that has been lying around for too long... stuff that I did not think would go, but it has!!! not all of it but a lot of stuff... feels like making money, but really i'm getting a little back from things i shouldn't have bought in the first place!

So i think 9.36 min miles for 12 mins is out of reach at the moment, but at least it was a cool time to try out the virtual partner on my garmin....!!! I was ahead by about 100 ft at one point!

Love szgr


Tanya said...

At least you made a good attempt at the Cooper. The good thing about it is it's only 12 minutes-you can always try again! I do a Cooper test every now and then and log my results. It's fun to see if I've made any progress. You've reminded me that it's time to try it again!

Jview said...

I agree with Tanya you made a good attempt. Keep up the great effort and you will get better at it!!!!!
Great you are selling stuff too.