Saturday, 11 September 2010

Hi again

LONG time no blogging!!! everyone else seems a bit quiet around here too!!
I'm just back into running after an 8 week lull of roughly 4 mi per Week!!
When i got married etc!!
So, back to running and in between 2, 10k races - 2nd tomorrow - and a half marahton in 5 weeks!! omg can i really do it with this little preparation? i've done 7.5 quality miles this week, 7.5 total last week and 16.5 the week before - this is not sounding exactly ready for a half marathon just yet - but i hope to get about 2 or so longer runs in before it - a couple of 10 mile runs would be ideal although my longest lately was only 7.6mi in one go

and started back doing a 'tiny bit' of ashtanga yoga - who knows how stupid i can get over that - or not - just promises sometimes - other times i get really hooked - it's not really something to be played with a bit like running but this really is fun for me when i do it properly - but the obsession is x2 that of running - it's a real double edged sword to me.... I don't know what i'm doing getting back into it - except i might get strong arms and shoulders and etc

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robison52 said...

Great to see you back blogging!! Looking forward to reading your racing reports.