Tuesday, 14 September 2010


They still have not posted my time on the internet ! i think because it was a special photo oppourtunity for the charity with everyone asked to wear their t shirts before the race specifically - they might be working on the website for a bit longer than usual!

I think it was about 1:17 for 10km of VERY gentle inclines and some real short hills, up and down and etc - but as a preview to my race report I overtook about 7-9 people in the last 3km!!! i really really went mental and pushed and pushed and pushed!! lol - first for me - i usually keep my place or lose it to others!! too fast off the mark then too slow for first 5km prob made it poss!

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robison52 said...

Howdy greentigress,

Congrats to running about 1:17 for 10k...even gentle inclines and short hills takes extra effort. Nice strong finish too!!

I often get frustrated when the organizer takes their time posting the results. Ronald McDonald House would take WEEKS to post!

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