Thursday, 16 September 2010

My fave downhill run

Hi, I again did a 5.4 downhill run- in 1:04 I am glad that my time keeps improving - that is with very little effort and trying very hard not to push myself as only did 10km race 4 days ago - but i have been thinking a little bit like 'f' recovery!!!
it's not the most amazing journey ...
i have done this run in 56 mins... it loses about i think 600m sooo gradually and needs someone with a car the other end because it's a fantastic one way downhill run

I think i can only class it as a 4 mi run or call it a run to time because it is not as much of a challenge as going the other way - which i sometimes do and enjoy equally...

I just can't wait to get to a 10 miler in a couple of weeks or so or 11, when my Garmin is working again and go UP and DOWN - so far all my longer runs have been on a circular route or at races the up and back thing is great for some reason - esp up and down a long slow hill - you can really feel the gradient on a bike even more so than on foot i think because you almost have no need for peddals on the way down!!!

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Mellow Yellow said...

Well done! Reading your blog again and looking forward to the next one! Keep it up.